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pushed to the edge, think my child has high functioning autism

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nathaydn10 Sat 15-Aug-15 12:44:35

background info, my son was born with a quite severe birth defect resulting in him having short bowel syndrome and spending a good portion of his first year in hospital. since then due to short bowel syndrome he got severe reflux, has a dairy allergy and now a liver condition which is controlled by medication.
From him being a toddler we've always noticed he's not quite where he should be emotionally or socially, but put that down to how poorly he was an the lack of interaction for his first few month with being in a incubator and would catch up, he was diagnosed with verbal dysplaxia at aged four after seeing a speech therapist since two and a half, he's always struggled with routine change an if the house is a mess, an would have melt downs hit etc but it got a lot worse since school. if he's struggled at school from something simple as falling out with a friend he come home have a full scale melt down throwing hitting me etc, it's always worse during holidays when routine changes Christmas was awful an this summer holidays been just as bad, don't know why I'm posting really but I'm at edge an just want to run away, fed up of it being a battle all the time and people judging when he melt downs outside.

bodenbiscuit Sun 16-Aug-15 15:08:15

It's very difficult looking after a child who has challenging behaviour. How old is your son? If you think he has autism he really needs a diagnosis to start with so that you can get him appropriate support.

Is he currently under a paediatrician?

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