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Friends and Life, is it me?

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PrimeAutobot Sat 08-Aug-15 15:01:29

Frequent nc poster.

Been doing this for over a decade so maybe it is just me but I don't really think I have any friends now, not in regular contact and neither do dc really. How does everyone manage to keep relationships going with friends and family? I have spent so long not being able to attend functions, afford approriate care, have any other life etc that it is almost easier to remain distant, I can't be bothered to call when I do have time and nobody wants to come here because we just aren't fun are we?

Is it just me, am I a miserable reclusive bastard? When I think back to the original start of things and how many people were there for hospital stay support etc and now it is just me, they all drift off and get on with their own lives when the drama is over and it is just daily disability - out of sight out of mind.

Sorry, moping a bit today.

elliejjtiny Sat 08-Aug-15 15:35:09

Me too. When DS4 was born he was in the neonatal unit. People I didn't even know at DS's school were asking me how he was etc. Now he is 2 if I mention that he has an operation coming up I just get comments about how I must be used to it by now. I find online friendships are my main friendships these days.

PrimeAutobot Sat 08-Aug-15 16:58:45

I'd be without truly mad by now without the interweb that's for sure, was stuck with dial up when all this began for me, was not good. It is amazing how fast the technology has moved on, all superfast now. So much easier to come on MN now and spill my guts when I need to. Cheaper than therapy.

PrimeAutobot Sat 08-Aug-15 17:00:43

sorry maybe I am mad, many typos, ykwim!

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