AS and social / conversational skills

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EmilyAlice Sat 08-Aug-15 10:29:14

Many thanks Jazz that is really helpful. The Asperger's Association have been good in the absence of any sort of school support (the medical model still prevails in Spain it seems) but they need to move on so that he is not constantly getting reinforcement of classic Asperger type behaviours.

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JazzerciseThis Sat 08-Aug-15 09:31:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EmilyAlice Sat 08-Aug-15 05:26:13

Am looking for a bit of help with developing social / conversation skills for my nine-year-old grandson who has a diagnosis of PDD / Asperger's. The family live in Spain and my grandson is bi-lingual. He speaks English with my son and Spanish with his mother and her family. He does well in mainstream school (top third of class), helped by the fact that primary education seems to involve a lot of learning by heart and regurgitation. They have had a lot of help from the Asperger's Association (very little in school), but my son and DiL want to improve his social and communication skills outside of the social events organised by the Association. My grandson is chatty and friendly and enjoys the company of other children, but tends towards monologues (currently geographical facts, football and film directors) and does not always listen or respond appropriately in social interactions.
Does anyone know of any structured programmes for developing social / conversational skills that are available online or as a book? I was involved in SEN education for many years professionally, but have been retired for some time and am a bit out of touch.
Thanks for your help.

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