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Daily Schedule for ASD/SLD child for Respite Assessment

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willowthecat Thu 06-Aug-15 14:47:03

Dear All,

I have not posted here for a long time but I was wondering if any of the mums of the current kids on the SN Block could help me. We are in the process of being assessed by Social Services for respite services for ds (11) who has autism and severe learning difficulties. We have been asked to write a daily schedule for caring for ds itemising every detail of what is involved in caring for him and his complex needs. I was wondering if anyone was aware of a guidance document or examples of how to phrase things ? I know that there are often key phrases that need to be used to convey accurately to the assessor what we are dealing with.

Thanks if you can help

OneInEight Fri 07-Aug-15 13:11:12

I would recommend looking at the cerebra guide for making a DLA claim or even the DLA form itself as it will remind you what areas of difficulty you have to cope with. I know you're not applying for DLA but I would have thought the same set of issues are relevant. Am a bit shock you have been asked to do this anyway as our assessment was done by interview and we didn't have to fill in any paperwork. We did get a chance to read what he had written and to point out any errors.

willowthecat Sat 08-Aug-15 15:57:55

Thanks - I have downloaded and printed the Cerebra guide. It looks very useful

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