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Weeing on floor - at end of my tether

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spiky54 Wed 05-Aug-15 07:48:24

DS2 is 12 and has ASD with SLD. He has been toilet trained since he was 6 though only became reliably dry at night about a year ago ( and even then we would have odd days when he would wet the bed).

The problem is that he's started weeing on the floor of his bedroom and the bathroom. He does it mostly in the early morning but occasionally during the day as well. He never wets through his clothes and never at school so we are assuming he has some control over it. He's been tested for a urine infection and it was fine.

This has all coincided with puberty and the onset of erections so we are wondering if there's a connection. He never used to pee standing up and I wonder if he's just learnt that he can - but either doesn't want to pee in the loo or cant make it in time? I've tried to reach him to per standing up into the loo and he can do it but I've never seen him do it unprompted - he still sits. He is still using the loo appropriately for most of the day.

So - what do we do? Anyone have same experience? It's driving me mad to be honest - and it's stopping us taking him to stay at other peoples houses.

Piratejones Wed 05-Aug-15 10:42:29

Has he got a potty in his room?
If not i would suggest putting one in there, My almost 8 year old has a camping toilet in his room and one in the living room and it's stopped random peeing.

spiky54 Wed 05-Aug-15 12:29:58

Yes we did think of that. He is often peeing just in front of the loo though, which suggests either an aiming problem or he's doing it deliberately for some reason.

frankiebuns Wed 05-Aug-15 14:05:40

My 4 year old son asd spd goes through phases of peeing on the floor the wall etc and we never got to the bottom of it we think it was behavioural and we ignored it and got him to help clean up and it stopped over the course of a week

philosophicmum Mon 10-Aug-15 22:17:33

My DS1 - also ASD and SLD - went through a long phase (years) of weeing on the floors. We knew he had control since he was dry at night and would take his clothes off first. He just liked the sensory stuff eg making a 'waterfall' down the stairs, urgh, plus he got lots of attention as a result. What finally stopped him was when we put vinyl down in his bedroom which was where he'd mostly wee. I think the wee splashed more and also because it was so easy to clean I didn't stress about it, and the lack of attention and the splashing on his legs put him off, and he started using the toilet or potty pretty reliably.

2boysnamedR Mon 10-Aug-15 22:39:45

My 7 year old does this but for him I think it's rushing ( too much sensory overload in a small echoey room). Sometimes ta lazyness. I am getting him to clean up now. Lots of " did you flush? Did you wash hands?" Too as it's reinforcing it's not ok to pee anywhere as it's the right room.

athomewithcats Wed 12-Aug-15 11:45:33

My 11yr ds undiagnosed on waiting list for Aspergers urinated in his bedroom at night. Spoke to School nurse at time who suggested a bucket in room and she also said that it would take time. I also asked on here who suggested the same. I admit I was reluctant to do bucket as I felt it reinforced that it was ok to wee in room, but it worked. Never did really find out why he did it but it took 9 months for him to stop. We also put Lino down.

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