3 1/2 year old worried (adhd,spd?)

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snicks1emily Fri 31-Jul-15 14:32:12

Hi, my lo is highly spirited, and as she's getting older she's getting worse, sleeps badly, is very loud, impulsive and hyperactive all day... I googled the problems we are facing with her and it all points to the hyperactive part of adhd, inattentiveness was fine though... She has always had sensory issues too, loud noises, high sounds, sudden unexpected movements, chasing games freak her out.
So have contacted the health visitor but have not had a call back to discuss looking into her behaviour a little more.

Is there anyone else I need to or can contact for help and advice?
Anyone else's child the same? What were their issues?

Feeling sad that child my have adhd and would hate her to be labelled but we really are struggling with what to do?

Does it help if they are actually diagnosed or not?
Thank you for reading.

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oddfodd Fri 31-Jul-15 14:36:34

Write down a list of your concerns - every way in which you feel she may show signs of ADHD/SPD - and take it to your GP. Ask for a referral to be assessed. Be prepared for a wait - anything up to 9 months is normal.

Other than that, Adders (I think it's called) online has useful strategies and the sensory processing thread on here is great for links/tips/techniques on how to help children deal with sensory issues.

And yes, diagnosis helps, not least because you should (depending on the nature of the diagnosis) get some support from the NHS and in school.

PolterGoose Fri 31-Jul-15 14:58:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snicks1emily Sun 02-Aug-15 06:45:57

Thank you, I will check out your thread and start to wrote down all the things she does indicating there's something 'more' going on...

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BendyMum15 Wed 05-Aug-15 19:59:44

I took my DS (age 3.9) to the GP this morning as I am worried that he may have ASD/SPD.
He asked me to write him a letter listing all the behaviours I see in DS to give him all the details for the referral so I'd say it would be a good idea to write it all down to give to GP.
I did have a list but was handwritten and my writing is not great due to pen holding difficulties.

snicks1emily Thu 06-Aug-15 10:24:39

Hello, well I finally made the Dr appointment for them to refer my DD. The gp was a little apprehensive as she only 3.7 years and dismissed most of what I said as normal behaviour. Which it could be but just more extreme. She agreed to refer her but the letter i hand wrote to give her needs to be typed so will do that and hand that in tomorrow.
She said the referral will go to the community paediatrician, is this the normal process? Anyone know what will happen and time frame once its been received?

Thanks for reading

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zzzzz Thu 06-Aug-15 15:59:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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