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Best type of assessment and where to go?

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adoptmama Wed 29-Jul-15 10:48:21

DD is 5.5. She has mild-moderate conductive hearing loss, epilepsy, speech disorder (tentatively speech aphasia or verbal dyspraxia). Wating on an assessment for dyspraxia as her motor skills - both fine and gross - are not age appropriate (but not dreadfully off target). She has had growth problems in past but is now on track. Speech therapist says she could well have problems learning to read and write due to nature of her speech problems. She also seems to have some short term working memory difficulties and I would think she is going to be a slower learner who needs a lot of reinforcement.

I would like to get an ed psych assessment done at some point in the near future which will give me a much better idea of the nature of her difficulties and what this will mean educationally for her. We live out of the UK so I am thinking that London, Manchester or any other big city we can fly into is our best bet for an assessment. Can anyone please advise me on what type of assessment would be best (eg is there such a thing as a full educational assessment which will screen for memory issues, specific learning difficulties etc) and also suggest a good place where we can go for this?


zzzzz Wed 29-Jul-15 17:12:59

I would call Blossom House and ask them what they would advise. They used to assess (language) but might be a good start for ideas.

adrianna22 Wed 29-Jul-15 17:32:55

I second zzzzz call Blossom House, they assess children or the ICAN meath school, though the assessment fee is much much expensive compared to Blossom House.

I think it;s best to be assessed for everything, to get a whole picture. DS was assessed by an educational psychologist, a specialist speech and language therapist and an OT.

DS was originally diagnosed as having moderate learning difficulties, but this prove not to be the case as when he was assessed, we found out that his cognitive skills were above average.

I didn't think DS had any gross motor, or fine motor issues. But I was shocked when it came that DS had severe motor-planning issues.

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