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DD with mild/moderate dyslexia and dsycalculia - how much extra work would you do with her at home.

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screamingeels Mon 27-Jul-15 20:56:28

Curious about perspectives and experiences. DD has just finished Y2. She is on SEN register but not diagnosed. she 'passed' dyslexia screening as her phonological knowledge is quite good. The LA dyslexia specialist still thinks she has dyslexia, but the screening test is too blunt to pick it up.

In Y1 school weren't interested and I concentrated on doing systematic phonics stuff, dancing bears etc. In Y2 they put her on SEN register and did lots of 1-2-1 in both maths and literacy which brought her on loads. I concentrated on maths - number lines, place value, number bonds. In SATs she did okayish: 2Cs reading and maths, 1B in writing.

So I am wondering about Y3 - could I just leave it to the school? If research says homework doesn't help primary school children is it the same for SEN kids? (In practice I'd never do this because I want to see how she is doing).

There are many maths and spelling programmes we could sign up to: Nessy, apples and pears, IXL, mathsfactor etc. But because she learns very slowly, needs systematic learning, repetition, little and often etc. It's an either/or so how do I choose most important to work on.

In practice I'll obviously talk to her teacher next year and work with her. But what's my role as a parent of child with extra educational needs? How much should I be teaching her? To what extent should school be providing enough?

Tissie Wed 29-Jul-15 23:41:13

You are so right. Do keep supporting her at home. What you are providing is overlearning. This is reinforcement of new lerning that needs extra practice to transfer to long term memory. As she has done so well with phonics I would concentrate on extending her reading experience by reading to you just 1 or 2 pages each day and give her story tapes/CDs to listen to at night. They extend language and knowledge of story structure. I would advise continuing to work with her on Maths. Using a computer programme will only help if it is a concept you have worked on with her. I am a specialist dyslexic teacher with a mother, brother, son ad grandson who are all dyslexic. Best wishes

screamingeels Thu 30-Jul-15 12:57:39

Thanks so much Tissie. That's really helpful and encouraging. (I know I was asking a very broad question).

I hadn't really thought of it as overlearning. I can sign up to that!

zzzzz Thu 30-Jul-15 17:49:34

IMO confidence building will give you better results. Find multiple opportunities for success.

screamingeels Fri 31-Jul-15 22:53:22

Yes confidence has been a significant issue. School have been really good about getting her confidence up about learning, she's really proud of her progress this year. We give her opportunities to preform which she loves and physical challenges which she excels at.

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