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DLA APPEALS- The Dreaded papers have come through the door

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Chocolate2015 Sat 25-Jul-15 14:01:27

Got my appeal papers through today and oh so many errors on DLA's response, Apparently my Child does not see speech therapy and my child is in nappies not pants so has no accidents ahhhhh I could scream, They really have know idea what they are doing

Sirzy Sat 25-Jul-15 17:29:24

Good luck with the appeal. Write everything in simple terms and hopefully they will understand it and it won't take too long.

Chocolate2015 Sun 26-Jul-15 14:00:02

I spent four hours last night putting a pack together with pages to refer to for proof that they have got these statements wrong, Plus written statement from Specialist HV which they have not read, I am not brave enough to go to Tribunal so I am doing it through papers, These are being sent to Birmingham, I assume I am in for the long hall looking online it could take 6 months sad

Sirzy Sun 26-Jul-15 14:07:02

Good luck! No idea about the appeal process as thankfully ours was given at the reconsideration stage. Hope it doesn't take too long to sort though

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