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EHCP + mental health issues

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hackneyLass Thu 23-Jul-15 10:52:04


Anyone had experience of getting an EHCP for DC with long-term mental health issues? (I've also posted on Child Mental Health)

My teenage DS doesn't go to school because of PTSD, anxiety & depression & new possible dx ASD. He's very withdrawn, no proper school attendance for 2 years & currently no home tuition either. At his latest school review meeting it was suggested we apply for an EHCP & specify home tuition via the school (school, home tuition service, CAMHS & SW all agreed).

Now I suddenly feel nervous about doing the form. DS refuses to engage with the process at all (or anything else). He says he just wants to go back to normal school classes when he feels better. But us parents + profs think he'll do better, at least at first, in smaller groups or 1:1 to help with his anxiety about school.

We've had several short-lived interventions but nothing consistent, and so the months & years slip by.... I think the EHCP process might will make everyone work together & think more creatively about how to help him engage with education/anything.

Anyone else trying to get or successful at getting an ECHP for LT-MH?

Icimoi Thu 23-Jul-15 19:20:51

I'd say go for it, you've got an incredibly strong case for an EHCP, whether DS engages or not.

Is there any reason why he hasn't had home tuition already? If it's accepted that he can't be in school due to MH problems the local authority has a duty to provide education whether he has an EHCP or not.

OneInEight Thu 23-Jul-15 20:09:13

ds2 did not engage at all in the assessment process either - as I pointed out to the EP it said it all about his high levels of anxiety. He is now in a specialist school (he has a diagnosis now of AS but didn't have one at the time of assessment) and his anxiety is slowly ( very slowly ) decreasing. He is in a tiny class of three and it has helped him gain some form of social interaction again which has helped with lifting the depression. He was still in school when we applied but had lots of anxiety leading to meltdowns, had withdrawn from his peers and had to be taken out of a lot of lessons just to survive the day.

hackneyLass Fri 24-Jul-15 02:26:50

Glad to hear OneInEight your DS is having a better time & good to hear about from someone further down the line. School / anxiety / depression / social isolation is a powerful mix.

Thanks Icimoi for saying we have a strong case. It's been difficult to gauge as I couldn't find any advice or examples for MH. DS in theory had home tuition this term but he rarely engaged & it made his anxiety much worse so his CAMHS psychologist suggested it stopped (for now).

I've arranged a meeting in August with one of the independent EHCP advisors the LA provides to read through my draft. All the Senco/pastoral staff that we deal with at school have left (again) so September will be another round of meet'n'greet.

Schools/LAs seem so old-fashionedly helpless with MH even though, anecdotally & from the news, there are many & rising numbers teenagers out of school long term with anxiety (or moved into HomeEd). The home tutor said she had several among her small caseload & my DS was the only one who had contact with CAMHS!

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