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Perspectives please - School's Attitude

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Lostinthefog Sun 19-Jul-15 09:36:34

Hi Everyone... I would appreciate your perspectives on this situation and what we should do. It's is a bit of a saga...

DD is in Mainstream Primary, she has a statement and we have struggled with school and LA for a long time. Following a successful tribunal she now gets structured support, which due to her difficulties (Hearing, S&L, Concentration) involves quite a lot of withdrawal and small group.

DD's report was suitably vague and so we met with her class teacher. She was very candid and told us,

-DD has moved to the bottom of the class in everything and the gaps are getting bigger
- As a MS Primary they feel they do not have the specialist skills to support her
- The only way she could stay at the school long-term would be with full-time 1-1

We then met with the Head, who verbally confirmed what the class teacher had told us and added more. She then said that she was concerned about the effect of the withdrawal on DD and outlined a plan she has to cease most of the withdrawal and bring her back in to class to sit with a low achiever group.

The Head informed us that as parents we have a choice to make,

(i) Have our DD's social and emotional needs met at this school but accept that Educationally she will not progress particularly well


(ii) Decide that we would like to move her to another school

DD's statement is very clear on the mix of 1-1, small group and additional support in class that my daughter needs. The Head has been open that "in some ways" she is now asking us to allow her to disregard the Statement.

All the reports on DD state that she will not effectively follow a class teacher in a MS class of 30.

To resource DD's support is a pain for the school and they are under-resourced, I suspect that the Head's "plan" is actually a scheme to reduce DD's support by stealth.

We have documented the Head's comments and now she has seen them she is back-tracking, but still pushing her "plan".

I have suggested to her that as she has stated that the school cannot meet DD's needs then she should inform me of this officially. She is completely unwilling to do this as she says it will reflect badly on her with the LA.

I swing between (a) telling the school that they need to sort themselves out and support DD properly, or (b) pushing the Head to state they cannot meet needs.

What would you do now?

Elisabennet Sun 19-Jul-15 10:09:59

If 1-1 is specified on statement it Must be provided. You will cross the school, but you could tell head you will contact the LA since LA is responsible for funding statement. because maybe the LA is funding the school, they just are not utilising the resources properly?

Ineedmorepatience Sun 19-Jul-15 10:18:32

I agree with elisa the LA is responsible for ensuring that all the provision in the statement is carried out!

If the school need more money to provide what your Dd needs then they should speak to the LA!

When your Dd is out of the classroom, who is working with her is it a teacher or a TA? And if she has not made sufficient progress then they should be looking at giving that person more support/training!

I can see that being back in the classroom could give your Dd more time with the teacher but if that doesnt mean she should lose out on her one to one!!

I wouldnt agree to anything without getting advice!! Have you spoken to IPSEA? Or SOS SEN?

Good luck flowers

Ineedmorepatience Sun 19-Jul-15 11:36:37

Actually , having thought about it, is there anywhere else that could meet your Dd's needs better than this school? Obviously moving is a scary thing but if you could find the right place for her you could all be better off!

Just a thought smile

Icimoi Sun 19-Jul-15 11:55:39

For immediate purposes, I suggest you email the school recording everything the class teacher and head told you about DD including the fact that they say the only way to meet DD's needs is for her to have 1:1 all the time. That way it will at least be on the record. Also, ask now for copies of dd's education records and check whether they bear out the fact that the gap between her and her peers is widening: if so, that is clear evidence that the school is not meeting her needs.

Then ask for an early annual review at the beginning of next term, and ask for the educational psychologist to be present. At that review remind them that they have said that, as matters stand, they can't meet dd's needs and ask whether they would be able to if she had a full time 1:1. If they deny saying it, point out that the records show (you hope) that the gap is widening which is pretty conclusive evidence that dd's needs are not being met.

Thereafter you need to decide whether you want to push for a 1:1 or whether dd might be better in a more specialist school, and push for the statement to be amended to reflect that.

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