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Has anyone got any tips for improving dyspraxia child's concentration span?

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kissmaass Sat 18-Jul-15 14:12:12

Ds aged 9 is definitely dyspraxic (as am I, I realise but that's another story smile ) - anyway, we've been waiting about a year now for an initial appointment to see a paed but still nothing. In the meantime, his concentration span during academic work is terrible. He is home educated which helps but I can't leave him to get on with anything by himself. It's work I know he can do but without me sitting over him, he does nothing. Similarly he zones out of conversations and will say 'What?' even though he's just been looking at you for the entire conversation. How can I help him to improve this? I also tutor a 15 yr old for English who I am convinced is dyspraxic too but his parents and school Senco have done nothing about it. He does exactly the same things my son does so any tips I get, I'd like to use them for him too. Thanks in advance.

PolterGoose Sat 18-Jul-15 16:47:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kissmaass Sat 18-Jul-15 17:50:00

Thanks - we can't access an OT until he's been diagnosed by a paed - we've been waiting for a year already and the process hasn't even started.

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