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Oxford provision for special teens and young adults

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stuckcanuck Sat 18-Jul-15 13:58:56

Hiya. My dd is 16 with highest rate of both DLA, statemented, goes to special school etc (medical, behavioural and cognitive 'issues'). I'm a single parent and the nrp is useless to say the least...i've recently moved to the sea side east sussex, a wonderful place but it is pretty pathetic provision-wise. love it here, otherwise and would rather die than be back in london despite there being a bit more provision there, but am toying with idea of moving up toward oxford as nrp is there and weirdly so is my wonderful dp.

So does anyone have experience of Oxfordshire special needs provision/support for older children and young adults? I'm concerned about transition in particular...I can't do it anymore, basically. end of rope. looking for non-private good residential with waking staff. i know i'm being unrealistic.

So i'm talking about not just special schools, but after school and weekend clubs, respite OR residential.

emwithme Sat 18-Jul-15 17:53:09

Oxfordshire SN provision is in a real state at the moment. If you have access to twitter, go on and read the #JusticeforLB posts.

LB (short for "Laughing Boy" - his nickname on his mum's blog ) had SN - including epilepsy and autism - and was in an ATU in Oxfordshire run by Southern Health when he had a seizure in the bath and died age 18.

That in itself is bad enough, but the two years since have been a fight for his family to get anything other than obfuscation from SH.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Sun 19-Jul-15 01:13:16

I'm in West Oxfordshire (Witney area).

The LB tragedy not withstanding (of which I am very much aware sad ) I think in general the provision isn't bad at all.
My DS2 has just turned 18 (ASD mod learning disability).. statemented and went through Special School and to the Pathways SN provision at local college (SN.. no 6th form at my son's special school we don't have the space.. but many do have provision up to 19). It's been an ok experience.

Transition.. mildly frustrating but have got there in the end... but we don't want residential, but Social services have taken forever to sort out a personal budget, and do their adult assessment.. took about 6 months. MENCAP run their trainee ship scheme here which DS2 is about to do two days a week.. supported work training for those with learning disabilities/ autism.

The new 'Endeavour' school in Oxford caters for young people with ASD and learning disabilities and challenging beahviour..and has residential options. Supposed to be good..and I know several teachers working there.

There is also Wingrave (run by Macintyre) in Aylesbury.. a bit further afield but used a lot by Oxfordshire CC. It caters for those with severe autism severe LDS and severe challenging behaviour.. again, residential.

After school and holiday provision is pretty Witney at least. We have after school clubs, multisports SN club, the Hub, Guideposts, and also Yellow Submarine.. a charity which does FAB holidays clubs, trips and holidays for teens and adults. Through this I am able to keep DS2 occupied a good chunk of his life and he has a better (constructed) social life than I do!

He's also now doing Sn tag rugby ..we have the most fantastic group going.. with an amazing variety of teens ..all diff disabilities and a coach who has somehow managed to get even the most challenging kids involved.

I think we have a reasonable deal tbh.. and say that as someone who also works in Special Ed here . PM me for any other info !

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