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reposted from SEN. EHC criteria?

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tubbytimmy Wed 15-Jul-15 19:02:34

Dd is 7 and will be going into year 3 after the school holidays. She has adhd and some learning difficulties due to her very poor concentration she is medicated with exqusym xl and has seen the EP who has given her some things to help in regards to helping her in the class room, such as a ipad with apps like dragon dictation ect.

Also she has a recordable device to speak into as she often forgets what she wants to write/ tasks to do. Still tho she remains behind her peers. Her levels are 1c in reading,litrecy and mathematics.

My problem is I am having trouble with getting the school to do more for dd I've been told the EP had been out to see dd as he was meant to this said by the school senco but the class teacher has told me this isn't true and dd was supposed to be having OT and physio at school too which also hasn't been happening. Her writing is unreadable even by dd herself as mainly she has forgotten what she has written two mins after writing it.

Sorry this is really rambly. My question is how can I get more help for dd?. Would it be worth our while doing a parental request for a ehc assessment?


Ineedmorepatience Wed 15-Jul-15 19:36:02

It sounds like it would be worth it to me.

Have a look at the IPSEA website , it tells you everything you need to know . Dont wait for school to do something!

Good luck flowers

tubbytimmy Wed 15-Jul-15 21:45:23

Brilliant thank you

I was able to use a template letter from the site you gave which is a great help.

ArtichokeHeartsAppleCarts Wed 15-Jul-15 21:48:11

SOS!SEN also have a model letter, I'll find it and try and post it

ArtichokeHeartsAppleCarts Wed 15-Jul-15 21:49:39

ArtichokeHeartsAppleCarts Wed 15-Jul-15 22:02:51

I used both to help write my application, and set out DS's needs/differences/struggles in sections-play, sensory processing, anxiety, communication etc referencing OT and paed report. An IPSEA advisor read over it for me to check it was ok before I sent it

tubbytimmy Wed 15-Jul-15 22:17:08

Thank you.
I know what dds problem areas are but it's so hard trying to get them on paper. It'd be so much easier if the school would help but I was told well they are hard to get and that was it.

But I was also told a follow up with the EP had been done by the senco but according to dd and her class teacher he hasn't been back and I've not received anything in the post.

Given she will be in year three after the holidays I'm going to have to start fighting harder. She will end up leaving in year 6 unable to read or write.

ArtichokeHeartsAppleCarts Wed 15-Jul-15 23:55:05

I struggled with getting the info on paper too, but what you've written in your OP could be the start of the bare bones of it perhaps.

I'm sorry school aren't being more supportive flowers

tubbytimmy Thu 16-Jul-15 22:05:16

Thanks for the help.

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