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ASD prognosis

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TheReason Mon 13-Jul-15 23:44:54

I constantly wonder will DS always have very poor social skills. Do I have to accept this. He's 6.

Other children tend not to notice him. A lot of the time he's off doing his own thing in his own world - but when he does join in he doesn't connect verbally with them. He loves meeting other children. There are certain ones (not many) that he connects with more than others

When he tries to speak it's like other children don't hear him as the pitch or tone of his voice is wrong. Even if he speaks loudly enough they don't hear him.

He doesn't wait for the right moment to speak - he doesn't notice that the child he is speaking to is distracted or talking to someone else.

But he talks quite naturally to me and his dad.

I wonder when he's age 10 or 15 will he come across as quite odd. I worry so much about him being lonely.

It seems so unfair that my lovely DS will struggle in life sad

zzzzz Tue 14-Jul-15 14:50:26

Ds manges far better than he did at 6 (he's 10).

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