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DS(7) - do I get a tutor??

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Wholovesfoodprogrammes Sun 12-Jul-15 20:15:03

DS(7) no formal diagnosis but has had ed-physc, speech therapy, o/t and lots of intervention groups at school.

He tries really hard at school and had a lovely school report. But he is struggling with reading and writing, maths not so much, but still below average.

I've tried before and I really don't know if it helped ..... and we were both stressed out with it. I'm now going down the route of more physical activities rather than academic, which he seems to enjoy more and I participate.

I am really looking for advice or suggestions. I don't want to think back in years to come and think that I should/could do more for him.....

I am going to request a meeting this week with senco and teacher before he breaks up for holidays.

any advice would be appreciated.

Tissie Sun 12-Jul-15 23:43:49

How is he struggling with reading? Is it phonics and decoding or a poor vocabulary/understanding of the material. A project you could do over the summer hols would involve you using the computer to create with your son a book of his own. For example choose an animal to write about such as a dog and give it a simple name. Find relevant pictures on line. Then you compose the book together. Make this first one very simple eg Spot gets lost. Spot is my dog. He lives at... We go fo a walk..... One day in the park..... Your son will enjoy reading this and you can go on to create more complex books. pm me if you want more info. You can find a tutor through various agencies and if you ;ook in your area of mumsnet. There are lots in Somerset.

Wholovesfoodprogrammes Mon 13-Jul-15 22:29:44

He has passed his year 1 phonics at the end of year 2..... but he is struggling with blended words. And he forgets what he wants to say.

I like the idea of a book..... we could try a daily diary over the holidays with a reward at the end.

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