I know ive posted a lot over the last few weeks but:

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shazzarooney99 Wed 08-Jul-15 20:14:17

We went to Cahms today as my son keeps threatening to kill himself and has lots of behaviour difficulties at home where he can be quite violent.

Anyway teacher has wrote in his home school diary why she suspected he was on the autistic spectrum because i asked her too.

Anyway i took his home school diaries, i took his Ot report where it implies he has Spd, i also took his last speech therapy report where it say we would benefit a socail communication course and i took all his Ieps.

Anyway reading between the lines i was told it would be oing to a meeting and i would receive something next week, however they suspect its not mental health and they are requesting that he gets assessed for Asd.

Do you ever feel like your going round in circles? Mind you nobody has ever requested that he has an assessment done which is good i suppose, i just feel absolutely and utterly drained.

Iknow in a few more days i will feel upbeat, its just at the moment xx

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2boysnamedR Wed 08-Jul-15 21:11:48

Yes. I was told by my sons pead on Monday she would ask the OT if ds has Dcd. He was diagnosed with Dcd in 2012. Ffs! I didn't even point that out. It would be a wasted breath I could never get back grin

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