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help education nightmare

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polosmum Tue 07-Jul-15 14:25:13

hi all ,
im hoping people here can offer me some help, my sons story is very long and very complex but i will explain what i can.
basically he has a very rare skull condition which has caused him to have mild brain damage, he also has ADHD and autistic tendancies his damage is to left hand side of brain so he has fine motor issues and gross motor issues with his right hand side . he suffers with frustration and agression as a result of not being able to do things .
he has been in main stream until now and should be year 4 in september but in october of last year it was decided his school can no longer manage him , he has a statement for 20+5 and with cluster funding he gets 25+5 basically he cant be alone.
he has been "educated" in isolation for the last school year , him and his TA use the school time out room as his classroom , he rarely mixes with other children as he cant cope in a class of 30, his TA does her absoloute best to adapt the timetable and curriculum for him.
we have applied for him to go to a special school but because he falls between mainstream and SN he has been turned down by every SN school within an hour and a half drive from home , currently we dont know where he will be educated come september . can anyone help with what i can do now?
currently we have the following specilists involved:
Ed phsyc , school senco, headmaster, short stay school, county placement team.
the admissions team have had evidence from :
GOSH , peadiatrition, sure start, ed phsyc, short stay team, clinical phsyc, school and any others we could think of ive lost track of how many!

Icimoi Tue 07-Jul-15 19:03:40

Seriously, this is an incredibly illegal situation. Do you know whether you'd qualify for legal aid? It sounds like you could do with getting a specialist education lawyer involved. If not, phone SOS SEN.

polosmum Tue 07-Jul-15 22:17:56

`i am completely serious ! who/what is SOS SEN?

Tissie Tue 07-Jul-15 22:21:48

The local authority has a duty to provide a school place for your child. It is just not good enough for special schools to say no. You must have a named officer on your EHCP?statement. Decide which special school you think best meets your son's needs then tell the LA officer what you have decided. It might be best to also inform the head of SEN. The normal procedure is for the sen officer to send a letter to the school. They can only refuse on 2 grounds: the the placement would be an inefficient use of resources or that the admission of this pupil would be prejudicial to the education of others. I am assuming you are in England. Stand up for your son, demand, threaten. You shouldn't really need a lawyer as the law is all on your side. I wish you well.

adrianna22 Tue 07-Jul-15 23:57:37

SOSSEN is an independent SEN/EDUCATIONAL needs charity that help many parents with regards to SEN educations as well as IPSEA. Please google them! and phone them ASAP ( they have a helpline) as many of these organisations close for the summer term.

Bigbird69 Wed 08-Jul-15 07:49:11

Our son is hemiplegic like yours and has learning difficulties. Have you actually found a school you think would be suitable? Our son goes to an independent specialist school so it's not local authority maintained - they won't tell you about it. In our situation I found the school then requested it. As another person said the LA has to find a suitable school place.

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