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What help for dd at school? ......

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frazzledbutcalm Mon 06-Jul-15 22:31:43

Dd has recently moved to a new school after problems at her old school. School have now received level 3 top up funding for dd. The senco asked for a meeting with me to discuss what help dd needs and how to spend the money best ....?? I have no idea!

Does anybody have any ideas? What help is usually given? Dd masks at school so I understand that school find it difficult to see her problems. Senco is talking about a support teacher for dd, but only in the lessons she find most troublesome. Dd just doesn't like school altogether so getting any ideas from her is limited.

Will post more tomorrow, any advice gratefully received!

LIZS Tue 07-Jul-15 07:58:25

has she been assessed by an Ed Psych or another professional, if so did that make suggestions about equipment and type of support required. If the report doesn't specify, can you/school contact them.

Ineedmorepatience Tue 07-Jul-15 08:33:56

Dd3 was supposed to get support for the lessons she found difficult, specifcally english in her case. She also went to a social skills group weekly and the EP was working with her monthly ish (allegedly) on her anxiety.

I agree with the EP assessment, it would inform you of any weaknesses and strengths.

It is so hard to say do this this and this when you dont actually know what it is about school that they dont cope with!!

Dd3 was also supposed to have been given a TA with whom she could build a relationship, we were hoping that she might have begun to ask them for help or that they might have started to recognise signs of stress in her.

Sadly she fell apart before any of this was done or done properly, it sounds really promising for your Dd though.

Good luck flowers

PolterGoose Tue 07-Jul-15 08:35:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frazzledbutcalm Tue 07-Jul-15 12:55:09

Hi all, thanks for replies.

She hasn't been assessed by EP. She got her dx in January and that's been it! Old school referred to LIST for help when dd fell apart drastically there. So Dd has seen someone from LIST for 3 weeks, they're getting to know dd to see what emotional help she needs. After the 1st meeting the worker said she was shocked by dd as she expected her to be a quivering wreck (as she was at the old school when the referral was made), instead she said she wouldn't have been able to pick dd out of the class as being the child she was there to see, as dd was happy, inconspicuous. She said they played games, dd talked to her and had good eye contact. shock hmm
2nd week she could see dd was a bit stressed and wasn't as good as the 1st week (but a lot had happened that morning, my fault, whole other ball game!) 3rd week I've had no feedback yet but dd said she had to say what emotions were on the picture/faces. She said happy and sad for everything grin

I think dd doesn't have a specific problem at school - it's just the whole school environment. And I'm not sure the senco understands this fully. She's lovely, very good, but not as good as dd old senco from the previous school. I know it's still VERY early days for dd at the new school though, and they'll take time to get to know her. They've given her a time out card but dd can't bring herself to hand it over to use it. Dd finds the classes/school noisy, but senco says she's been in the classes and they're not unduly noisy. After further talks she says she recognises dd may find 'normal' noise troublesome (but I'm not sure she actually understands). In one lesson dd said boys were throwing pens around the class which disrupted her. Senco said she's spoken to the teacher and classroom assistant and this definitely didn't happen. Dd can tell me the names of the boys involved and which table the pens were thrown to and from. I don't want school to start tit for tat .... I just want help and support for dd.

Yes she's y7 polter ... going into y8 in September, which is where the funding will be used. Senco talked of support in unstructured lessons, mentor on a Monday and meeting with dd at the end of the school day to talk about any problems and reinforce the positives. My concern is that dd struggles to find the right words to tell me, let alone a member of staff. From what you've said I think dd is being offered very similar to your ds. The senco is lovely and wants to help dd, I get the feeling though that because she can't see any problems with dd she doesn't really think there's problems ... I hope I'm wrong.

Can I ask for EP assessment? Also, can I/how do I politely tell senco that dd just does not gel really dislikes the member of staff who often covers lessons due to staff absence etc, when senco highly regards her?

Good luck with HE ineed ... fingers crossed your dd goes from strength to strength.

Mollyweasley Tue 07-Jul-15 13:18:05

I agree with polter, the relationships with staff is key. The staff at DD school (also year7), want to look after her. So when there is a problem, they just care…(talk quietly and gently support her.). They avoid singling her out with too much LSA attention as DD finds this a little to much but I know they have on occasion had some LSA keep an eye from a distance. DD also have a fantastic form tutor who gets SEN. Staff always believe me and give support when needed.Perhaps in your school, they could use the money to have somebody from the NAS come to talk to all of DD teaching staff (about masking and preferably somebody with ASD themselves) ?

frazzledbutcalm Wed 08-Jul-15 09:45:05

That sounds like a good idea molly .. I'll talk it through with the school. The senco is lovely, I just don't feel the understanding like I did with the senco at the old school ... but that doesn't mean it's not there iykwim.

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