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Part-time LEA funded home tutoring (AS)

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Corrimony Sun 05-Jul-15 23:36:17

MY son (6yrs) has Asperger Syndrome (with lots of PDA traits). Sorry to jump in with this question after I haven't been on these boards for quite a long while, but I've got an annual review coming up and I'm so confused about what help we should be aiming for! Our EP suggested we might want to think about part-time home tutoring - that on our upcoming annual review we should make a case for LEA funding for this (due to high anxiety despite 25 hrs 1:1, exhaustion from sensory environment, differentiated curriculum needed due to high ability/gifted). I'm wondering if we could have any control over the tutor/s? Any shared experience or thoughts would be so great. Thank you for reading.

ElementaryMyDear Mon 06-Jul-15 08:26:01

You would need to ensure that the statement/EHCP provides for your son to be taught by teachers with experience/training in ASD, which would mean that any tutors would have to comply with that description. Also think about arrangements for speech and language therapy and occupational therapy, if relevant.

Corrimony Mon 06-Jul-15 11:20:19

He has never had speech and language therapy, as he had no speech delay. However there are the obvious problems with communication like holding a two-way conversation and taking account of others and understanding their point of view/their social signals etc (so I don't know if we have been missing out for this sort of thing). The only thing OT would help with is sensory integration stuff/management of hyperactivity and anxiety from sensory problems. He had a few sessions and they came up with some good exercises and ideas.

What would really help him is teachers who had lots of knowledge about subjects he is interested in, like art and science, but I don't know how picky you can be! When he's engaged and really learning his is calm and happy.

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