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Advice needed - questions to ask school prior to applying

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TagineKaput Sun 05-Jul-15 14:55:29

My DS is 3, and has GDD. He can't yet walk independently, although can walk short distances using a Kaye walker, and is still in nappies. He is generally behind is all areas of speech & learning, but improving slowly. He doesn't have an EHCP at the moment, but gets 1:1 support at playgroup. He will be starting school in Sept 2016 and I would ideally like him to go to the mainstream school that my eldest child is at. I have a meeting set up this week with the headteacher and SENCO of the school to discuss his needs.

I'm after some advice on what sort of questions I should be asking them. I want to make sure this school is right for him, and they can meet his needs, but don't really know what sort of questions to ask to find this out! Any advice or suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you!

Tissie Sun 05-Jul-15 22:48:33

Describe your son and ask for their thoughts. Will he have an EHCP before starting school? I would have thought that was essential. Ask how they deal with the nappy issue - many mainstream schools won't deal with this although special schools take it as a matter of course. Ask what the school would expect the TA to do (you don't want all the teaching done by the TA). Ask how the teacher will adapt her lessons to meet his needs for example phonics teaching - is it done to the whole class or on a group by group basis. Ask how closely they would work with you. Good luck.

TagineKaput Mon 06-Jul-15 18:08:29

Thanks for your reply, I hadn't thought of asking about how they'll adapt lessons (seems obvious now you've mentioned it!) or about how much the TA would do, so I'll definitely add those to the list.

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