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EHC Plan advice - school choices

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steph606 Sat 04-Jul-15 22:04:55

Hi, we have been allocated an EHC plan for our son for ASC. We live in Cheshire West and Chester and are currently looking at schools. We do not have the draft copy of the EHC plan as yet but as we were over the 14 week mark from the review meeting I phoned the council who advised me over the phone that the EHC plan had been granted with level 3D funding for mainstream school provision. I have two questions if anyone can help?
1. What does the level 3D funding entitle our son to? We have 2 schools in mind both of which have an autism resource within the schools for 12 pupils per school. Does our EHC plan give us entitlement to apply for a resource provision place rather than a 'standard' mainstream school place, or does this have to be specified on the plan?
2. One of the schools is out of area in Cheshire East as opposed to Cheshire West and Chester. Are we able to apply outside our council area for a school place?

Thanks in advance,

Steph smile

Icimoi Sat 04-Jul-15 22:30:20

You can ask for a school place outside your area.

Don't worry about the funding. The issue is what does your child need, not what does the LA want to pay for. If you think he needs a specialist unit, say so and ask for the school of your choice to be named.

steph606 Sat 04-Jul-15 23:28:17

Thank you so much for your response - it's really appreciated smile

OneInEight Sun 05-Jul-15 06:14:45

In our area the resource base places can only be allocated to people who live in the LEA. Infact HT panicked on the first day with ds2 as our postcode sounds as if it belongs to the neighbouring authority as we live right on the border of two. You should be able to get a place at the school in the other LEA without too much problem assuming it is not over-subscribed but the ARP unit itself more difficult. We tried with ds1 the route of getting a place at the school on the assumption that if the school had an ARP they would be good with children with the same SN's in the mainstream section but he really didn't get much any support via this route.

In our experience (and of course will depend on your ds's needs) they are likely to put up a bit of a fight about placement in an ARP - it may have to be approved by a "panel" who will balance the needs of your ds with those of other children in the LEA who need the facility.

Places also come and go at the units as sometimes places are very successful and they are able to transition the child to mainstream or places are unsuccessful and the child moves to a special school so even if there is no vacancy now it is worth trying again later. So when we asked for ds1 there was no place available but when we asked for ds2 (similar needs) six months later he was given a place.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 05-Jul-15 10:50:12

Somewhere on the Cheshire website there should be a "Local Offer" and somewhere on there should be a list of schools including independent specialist schools that you could have a look at. The authority will most likely be already paying for some children to attend out of county schools both LA run ones and Independent ones.

Do a bit of digging and you might find something both suitable and with spaces. Sometimes looking at indie schools can trigger spaces being found in maintained schools wink

steph606 Sun 05-Jul-15 16:08:20

Thanx for all your help smile I'll do some research and have a look at the local offer x

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