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What aspects of ASC cannot be explained as 'just' effects of SPD?

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BatFoxHippo Fri 03-Jul-15 04:55:27

OT has said SPD. Nursery and school say he is fine and I think SALT is going to say that too (she gets to decide if we get on the ASC pathway).

I have read things that say SPD can affect eg social skills basically because they are so focused on their sensory stuff that they don't have time/energy to develop socially. Might be the case for some children but I don't buy it for ds.

This is my list. Any of these explained away by SPD? Can anyone add any more?

Literal thinking. SALT said when he was told to colour the back of his house (ie part of a picture), he turned over the piece of paper and said there was nothing on the back.

Doesn't get jokes. He gets upset as to him you are saying the wrong thing and it doesn't make sense.

need for routine gets more difficult to handle as a result of changes - this is always put down to my parenting as triggers aren't obvious.

rituals and rules

struggles with some transition But he is masking at school and falling apart with me at home in private.

obsessions unusual ones in the past but now is something typical for 5yo

repetitive singing, phrases

toileting issues won't go as he is worried about scary thoughts coming into his head sad

social issues Doesn't know how to join in a game, doesn't say hi/bye. I am working on these with him and nurturing friendships with schoolmates so I think professionals won't see this stuff.

Mayor Fri 03-Jul-15 08:17:31

I feel for you BatFox as my DD is very similar. We have just gone back to GP to be re-referred to paed for assessment as I'm not convinced SPD is responsible for all those things you listed. DD also manages at school so we see these behaviours at home. I'll be watching others replies with interest. Sorry to not add any more but you're not alone!

Ineedmorepatience Fri 03-Jul-15 08:36:07

SALT could be the key in this situation! A decent SALT will be able to pick out the subtleties of ASD through a communication assessment!

Good luck flowers

BatFoxHippo Fri 03-Jul-15 20:07:59

Thanks Mayor, moral support is much appreciated. Good luck with your re-referal.

Ineedmorepatience, I fear she is just picking on the 'normal'-looking things he does do, rather than looking for what he has issues with.

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