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Good mainstream secondary school for Dd with Dyslexia, and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

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Sparky17 Wed 24-Jun-15 19:58:52

Hi I'm looking for a lovely & caring MS school for my Dd. she loves school, learning, arts, drama and is gentle & caring. I want her to continue to enjoy school and thrive. I am willing to move but need property to be reasonable! Am looking at Suffolk, Norfolk, Hampshire, Dorset but really anywhere between these areas! Your experience and comments would be truly appreciated!! Thank you ��

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 24-Jun-15 20:30:18

What county are you residing in currently?.

Does your DD have a Statement or EHCP currently in place?. If not you will certainly need to apply for an EHCP for her from your current LEA and asap.

Avoid Hertfordshire and Essex.

Sparky17 Wed 24-Jun-15 22:16:42

Hi thanks so much for reply! She is on The SEN register and now gets "termly provision" from SaLT but she doesn't have a statement or EHCP but I have thought about nothing else for months! After a lot of pushing I have got a dx of vision stress, dyslexia, and APD (from GOSH). I'm in Bucks and School won't support my request for an assessment as "her levels not bad enough" she's nearly 9 and is level 2 at everything except spelling and writing where she is <5. I'm a single, working Mum with very little/no family support and a mortgage. I have already used up any savings on trying to secure assessments and therapy and tuition. I am worried about starting something that I just cannot afford financially & mentally ie appeals, tribunals etc. I truly do not know what to do for the best for us. I have tried contacting IPSEA and others but can't get through. I have booked a hugely expensive but reputable private Ed Psych for September - but she will only work with me if I have a SEN lawyer ( can't afford that, and as I work I can't get legal aid) or if IPSEA or the like are involved. But I can't even book a call with them sad I therefore don't know if I can go ahead with the private Ed Psych or even if it is worth it, if I am not going to be able to follow it through with appeals, tribunals etc. apart from the above dx she also has processing and memory issues. So the question is do I bankrupt myself trying to get the lousy system to help, and she lives with a stressed and exhausted mum for the next few years, or do I try and get as much private therapy as possible and move to another area with a great, caring school. Sorry about the rant - the whole thing makes me so angry and hopeless.

Tissie Fri 26-Jun-15 16:14:13

Your best way forward is to contact the local authority directly and ask for your child to be assessed for an EHCP. The authority then have 6 weeks to decide whether or not to carry out such an assessment.
In my opinion your primary school are just being lazy refusing to request an assessment for a EHCP. The level 2's I can just about understand even if its still a long way below where she should be and there is a great deal of difference between a level 2c and a level 2a but spelling and writing is below 5 (I assume you mean belwo 5 yrs old as it seems unlikely to be anywhere near a evel 5 NC) clearly indicates a cause for concern.

If the LA take up the assessment you won't have to pay anyone. Beware just moving to an authority on recommendations as individual schools vary a great deal. I live in Somerset and have taught in Cheddar, Bath and Bristol as a Senco. I would not recommend Bristol but my experiences locally are good. As a retired senco I am also offering my services as a tutor free to good causes!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 27-Jun-15 07:47:19

Re your comment:-
I'm in Bucks and School won't support my request for an assessment as "her levels not bad enough"

This is an out and out lie and its not their decision to make either. School have and are failing her also here by stating that.

IPSEA now have a callback service you can use on their website so calls can be booked

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 27-Jun-15 07:48:14

Sparky17 Sat 27-Jun-15 14:30:15

Thanks Attila I think I am going to have to apply for an assessment, and then go through the next couple of years of appeals and tribunals as otherwise she will not get the support she needs at secondary school sad However, I may want to move as well which complicates things further. If I apply in Bucks, and then move within Bucks I presume that a Bucks move would not complicate things too much....however, do you know how things would be if I applied in Bucks, and then moved out of county? I presume I would have to start the whole stinking process right from scratch again?

Sparky17 Sat 27-Jun-15 14:59:58

Whoop whoop there were a few appointments free on the IPSEA booking calendar so I've booked a call for 1st July!! Thanks for the nudge, I had given up checking for free slots!

Tissie Sat 27-Jun-15 15:46:51

Dear Sparky17
Do get the process started. All you have to do is contact your local authority to request an assessment and you will at least know within 6 weeks if they will make the assessment. Once an ECHP is issued it moves with you from one county to the next. A new education authority must conduct a review and come up with compelling reasons why they should refuse to continue the EHCP. If the assessment is refused or after assessment the EHCP is refused then you will need I{SEA backing and the strength to fight.
If you decide to visit Somerset do let me know as I may be able to help. Is there anything else I can help with?

Sparky17 Sat 27-Jun-15 18:44:56

Thank you so much Tissie for the spurring on! I will apply for the assessment after my IPSEA phone appointment. It is great to know the EHCP moves with you! I may look at Somerset but I think I'll concentrate on the EHCP. Must just get on with it!! Thanks again xx

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