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LSA "on costs" for ABA comparison?

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semantic123 Tue 23-Jun-15 23:37:22

Hello all,

DD has started school last year (doing mornings) and we have just had the first annual review.

We have a full-time LSA on the statement and that the LA has agreed to fund an ABA program at school during term time (no real specification)

We used the school's LSA this year for school time with some training from our ABA tutor/once a week supervision and while she is genuinely excellent with DD, she is not in an ABA mindset/that's not what she signed up for (in the words of ht and LSA), finds it difficult to take data. They provisioned for the LSA full-time due to a mix up so she helps in class when DD is not in school (LA pays)

Progress at home has far outpaced progress in school (VB-MAPP/ABLLS tracked) and we want to push for it to be specified that the LSA is fully ABA trained for next year or is an ABA tutor (so presumably LA pay, saving school a few bob)

We think this will make life far easier for the school, who are resistant to the move, but would like to make some cost comparisons of how much extra per hour/year it would be for an ABA 1-1

As such does anyone know the on costs for an LSA in London (i.e. all in costs per hour or year)?

Any other tips in making our representation would also be appreciated, LA team at review intimated there had been "changes in the way they do things" and they were likely to refuse our request.

It would not be terrible for the current situation to continue to Year 1, but we feel that it would then be a case of DD going to school for fun/socialising and actually accessing the curriculum at home..


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