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Argh! Seriously Fed up now! :( (Update)

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snowgirl29 Mon 22-Jun-15 16:53:47

For those who remember my last post about Ds and the GP. I'm not sure how it went with him last week but the referral to CAMHs has already gone through now. They rang me and did the phone assessment. I could have cried when he said "hopefully we can help you a little bit more now". I'm so sick and tired of this being fobbed off as a parenting problem. If it was would DD not be the same?
Anyway remember the tricks that I told you DS's School do? Caf meeting today. Walk in to see the School Counsellor sat there. Apparently they're all a bit concerned I'm going private. Why? If you've nothing to hide and nothing to worry about. Then surely the private Paeditrician will simply back the community Paeditrician up? Right?... hmm.

I was speaking to a Parent tonight. Do you know what they said. "I don't mean to be horrible snowgirl29 but it's obvious with your DS. I can't understand why they won't diagnose him". Me neither. Me neither. sad. I honestly feel like pulling him out of school for the rest of term now and being done with it all.

snowgirl29 Mon 22-Jun-15 16:55:21

PS. The GP didn't refer for a second opinion. He just told me to let him know when the camhs appointment was. Which I did. But I'm not sure what he intends to do about it. If anything. confused

2boysnamedR Mon 22-Jun-15 18:20:58

I have asked pals to reffer my boys on as I'm fed up going round in circles. I see ds2 pead in July and I'm going to enjoy asking her why 4 out 4 refferals never came through. So when she asks how eurenesis, podiatry, dietitians went I can say that we never heard back.

Have you tried pals?

snowgirl29 Mon 22-Jun-15 21:40:30

Yes ice gone through PALs and they've advised me to write a complaint against DS 's current Comm Paed. I might ring them back in the morning actually. As it's not fair only my GP got an ear bashing for something his Comm Paed was aware of and ignored anyway.

2boysnamedR Mon 22-Jun-15 23:44:52

I have just written to pals and stated that I'm not complaining about anyone ( now there's a first grin ) but I'm fed up of going round in a endless loop to nowhere

snowgirl29 Tue 23-Jun-15 07:45:13

NHS England got involved with us as I was sick of being passed from pillar to post. I have to contact the case manager I was assigned to again this week. Ds says some pretty challenging things to us and all we ever get is "Why does he say that?" "Does he play any computer games?".

We don't have computers / playstations in our house. He can only play on my tablet and I've never known the Gruffalo game to cause any child to say I want to kill you hmm. Amongst other things.

Because of the seriousness. Our GP got a ticking off. But the thing that I'm not happy about is they said I need to confirm in writing to the Boss at PALs about the Community Paediatrician. I think that's what made the PM so mad, that she rightly thought it was the Comm Paed who deserved the earbashing, and they did, but apparently that's more long-winded if they appear untouchable. I was thinking about this last night and am considering telling them that we need a change of Paed who will assess him properly as I'm a good mind to go to the Papers at the moment. I never threaten anyone with the papers but that's how bad it's got for us.

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