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confused about ECHP

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Violet22 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:46:22

Just suggested to my school that maybe DS might need one. They say the LA won't take any more now before the summer holidays, and that they have to fund £6000? I can't find anything on ipsea about funding and also ed psych has to have input. Would it actually be helpful or is it just paperwork? I mean if the school are already doing stuff recommended by experts anyway would this make a difference or get him any extra help? How is it different to an IEP or statement? ( he doesn't have statement and no diagnosis)

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Mon 15-Jun-15 21:51:33

I'm not sure about the funding, but you can apply whenever you like. You can no longer get a statement, an EHCP is the document thst replaced them. The difference between an EHCP and an IEP is that the provision set out in an EHCP has to be delivered by law, in an IEP it is entirely up to the school. They don't have to make an IEP for children on the SEN register niw either, just set targets I think. Have a look at the website of IPSEA.

Pebbles72 Mon 15-Jun-15 23:07:46

Hi! Your DS's school seem rather confused! Schools do have to find the first £6k of additional provision that is detailed in a child's statement or EHCP. Local Authorities then provide the money for provision beyond £6k. A Educational Psychologist does not need to be involved before an EHC request is made but is involved in the assessment if it is agreed. An EHC assessment is a thorough, multi agency assessment of a child's individual special educational needs and details the provision that must, by law, be provided to meet each need. If your DS has or may have SEN and needs or may need additional provision to meet his needs then an EHC assessment is the only way to guarantee this is identified properly and ensure he gets what he needs. Parents can apply for an EHC assessment at any time. LAs have a very strict timetable to work towards and school holidays do not stop this. IPSEA have a model letter to use to request assessment and loads of other info on their web site. You can also call their advice line if you would prefer to speak to someone. Hope this helps clarify some of the school's confusion!

kojackscat Tue 16-Jun-15 08:36:26

My LA are not accepting new applications, and haven't been since March, due to the imminent (?)summer holiday. I doubt if this is legal.

There iis provision in the Code of Practice from them to extend the 20 weeks if they are waiting for input from a school that is closed over the summer holiday. This does not stop the LA doing their part of the process, and only applies to the summer, not other, shorter holidays.

So you can apply for an ehcp now, but they may choose to ignore it. Please read up on the ipsea website and keep coming on here for support, you will need it!

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