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Suspect ADHD for my 7yo son, have a gut feeling medication could help - what is the best route to get it?

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meadowquark Mon 15-Jun-15 13:52:31


My 7yo DS1 has issues at home, at school and everywhere else. We have been trying different strategies at home, I feel like a walking library, it gets better but then always get worse again. The school has been "trying", i.e. art therapy, counselling, visits to the headteacher - nothing helps long term. Maybe because he cannot help it?

The worst part is that DS1 has physical outbursts at school resulting in hitting or biting other children - uncontrollable moments of impulse with irrelevant reasons (e.g. another child copied my work so I bit him). He can also be violent outside school, but I mostly catch it before escalating.

I went over ADHD symptoms on Internet again and again and it looks definitely that (hyperactive/impulsive type).

I am seeing his school teacher on Wednesday. We struggled for so long that I am starting to think that medication may be just what DS1 needs - I am willing to give it a try though like many of us, normally I am against medication.

My questions:
Is it possible to get medication prescribed without diagnosis/statement?
Can they prescribe medication without asking to try out different strategies which may take years and years? (I worry that they will exclude DS1 from school if those accidents continue).
Do I have to push the school to refer or can I go straight to GP?

Thank you!

PolterGoose Mon 15-Jun-15 13:55:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meadowquark Mon 15-Jun-15 14:01:34

Thanks PolterGoose.
Off to GP tonight to book the first appointment.
Does DS have to attend the first one with GP? (he has no clue that is different...)

PolterGoose Mon 15-Jun-15 14:04:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meadowquark Wed 17-Jun-15 15:05:34

My GP practice insist that I take DS to the appointment. It will take a while get a booking for a late afternoon, as I don't want to take DS from school for this. Just spoken with school, they adviced to go via GP but they will collect relevant evidence and support the process. We both agreed that something needs to be done.

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