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Erm so this happened. Re DS.

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snowgirl29 Fri 12-Jun-15 14:12:49

If you remember my last thread I was explaining how we just keep going round in circles. I spoke to DSs Paeditricians Boss a whole ago and was told that to get a second opinion referral I'd have to go back to my GP before going through PALs to get the Paeditrician changed. I tried the GP many moons ago and he said no. We tried again recently and he still said no. I don't want to say what for fear of 'outing myself' but you can all get the gist of what things Ds was saying that made me have concerns. Everybody from his GP to his Paed knew that but did nothing about a referral to camhs. Fast forward today. I have a hospital appointment at 9:10 am for various texts etc. I get a phone call back from the lady yesterday evening saying they had gotten Ds an appointment but they don't know when or where and it was a half day yesterday.
I tried this morning. Couldn't get through and I had to turn my phone off. I was having visual field tests etc done. Ring the Practice Manager to find out I'm in trouble for not attending the appointment this morning I didn't know about and I should have tried harder to contact them. Clone myself perhaps?

Anyway. We have an appointment with said GP Mon now and now I'm worried it's going to be awful with a bad atmosphere and he's not going to listen. Because I've complained about him. I actually made a point of saying to the PM that I didn't want to make a formal complaint but it did need raising. Please give me suggestions on what to say to him Monday. I have a habit of always saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Ineedmorepatience Fri 12-Jun-15 14:58:31

So let me get this right!!

You were supposed to attend an appointment yesterday that you nothing about until after the appointment time confused

I know us mums of SN children are fairly awsome but that takes some doing!!

2boysnamedR Fri 12-Jun-15 18:58:29

I would start off that they are in the wrong not you so don't apologise or feel bad.

What happened to getting things in writing or some warning? What if you was at work? Had a important client meeting? Should you drop it all to rush in at a moments notice?

If he gets huffy I would just politely and calmly tell your surgery that you request to have another gp as your present gp makes you feel uncomfortable and you can't share personal issues going forward with a doctor who belittles you ( insert more polite term).

snowgirl29 Fri 12-Jun-15 20:05:15

Ineedmorepatience sorry for any confusion. I was typing in a hurry earlier.
Basically. I was told by the Paeds Boss that the correct procedure to follow was to go to the GP and ask for a second opinion referral and if that don't work then go to PALs. I did that. It didn't work. So I went through PALs. Apparently it's that serious they passed it on to the CCG. Hence why they're so Furious with me. PM made a point of telling me GP had been contacted on his personal phone by CCG and it 'should be a matter I take up with DSs Paed'. Which I had done, and was just following the procedure. hmm
It wasn't until the CCG got back to me last night at 4:50 to say they had got DS an appointment but they couldn't tell me when and I couldn't ring up as they close on a Thursday Afternoon.

This morning. I had to drop DCs off at Breakfast Club, run for the Bus for the appointment at the Hospital at 9:10. I kept ringing on the bus but it's first thing in the morning so of course I can't get through. Big Red sign at the Hospital Door saying 'Danger. Please switch Mobiles off' so I do and plan to ring later.
I rang later and that's when I got the telling off. Because apparently. They've got four lines and I should have tried harder. Shouldn't have gone to him (so I should have not followed the procedure then?). And I should have telepathically have known we had an appointment this morning without the need for a voicemail to be left or a text message sent (it's the usual practice - incidentally I got one straight after this phone conversation for Mondays appointment though!).

I kind of want to apologise. He's an amazing doc. But I'm just at a wits end as to what to do when I keep being fobbed off at every turn because the school have decided to tell all professionals involved that it's bad parenting. If it's bad parenting then can someone please explain my good as gold daughter?
Seriously had enough now. sad

snowgirl29 Fri 12-Jun-15 20:08:14

2boysnamedR that's the thing it's usually a brilliant surgery. I said right from the beginning I didn't want to make a formal complaint I just needed it raised.

They're obviously just very pissed that the CCG got involved and rang his number. How was I suppose to know that.
To clarify. Reason for the urgency. He's a 6yo having - - suicidal thoughts-- issues because the Poor sod struggles every day with a condition no one is prepared to acknowledge!

Ineedmorepatience Fri 12-Jun-15 20:23:09

What a horrible mess! Schools have a lot to answer for! Why do they hold so much power when they have not a jot of medical knowledge or any medical qualifications between them!!

Sorry you are having to deal with this, I would make an appointment with the GP and explain calmly that you followed the procedure you were told to follow and that you are just trying to get the right support for your child!

Good luck flowers

snowgirl29 Fri 12-Jun-15 20:38:42

Thankyou Ineedmorepatience he's already made us one for Monday. I'm just hoping he's still in an understandable mood last thing on a Monday evening.
I just wish the school would be honest. The Teacher called me to one side today to say he'd been playing up. I told them it'd be really helpful if this was raised in the CAF as that's what's stopping the Paed from taking us seriously.
It was quickly switched to "Oh well no more than the other kids play up" hmm

2boysnamedR Fri 12-Jun-15 20:41:46

I have complained about my HV before. It wasn't personal,it was the system. The system has to change and this mess proves that so just point that out.

God knows why schools block these things? I've also complained to my sons school which again wasn't personal. The head told me that it is personal as teachers make the kids there life. Fair enough but how personal is it to parents? We live 24/7 with the fall out.

Just stick to your facts and avoid any personal or feelings comments and he has no grounds to get huffy. It sounds bonkers, he's got a phd so surely he must see fault in their systems or he's not being very level headed is he?

snowgirl29 Sat 13-Jun-15 14:37:12

Thankyou. That's exactly what I intend to do.
Also whilst I'm here. Does anyone know what I can do about getting hold of DSs file from School? (I know half the behaviours he exhibits will be in there). From brief research it says they don't have to hand it over if it's an Academy. DSs school changed to an academy over Winter.

Bilberry Sat 13-Jun-15 23:49:19

I think academies don't have to follow the rules on school record requests but they do need to respond to a subject access request (data protection act). You can get advice from the information commissioner's office here

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