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What help is it reasonable to expect from school?

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Violet22 Sun 07-Jun-15 22:48:20

DS (5) has no diagnosis, no statement or echp yet has issues at school and is struggling. He had an ados test back in March, as school were suggesting asd but they said he didn't meet all criteria (he doesn't) His speech therapist says he's not autistic, as does another physical needs teacher who observed him. Both have hinted at dyspraxia.

My concern is that he is not really learning anything at school. I have been in to watch him and he just wonders and doesn't really play with anything for any length of time and says very little to anyone. At home he will play very well with me an his brother and I can spend an hour with him and get lots out of him. If ever there was an argument for home ed he is it. I am just applying for jobs as wanted to go back to work.

He struggles to sit still at school, and they've said he doesn't have to, he can do colouring while it's carpet time. I pointed out this meant he missed out, the teacher said they're just doing sounds which he already knows. He has visual perception issues which means he struggles to read sentences and I suspect audio processing issues making it difficult to listen and follow instructions in large group. The homework they give him he struggles with and I.m not sure it's matched to his ability or they have noticed that he's struggling.

He has 15 mins a day help for fine motor control, and a speech therapist works on social language. Am not sure how often he sees her or how it's going as I never get any feedback. Can I push for more help or am I lucky to get this help without a diagnosis. Up to now I haven't pushed much but I do need to go and talk to them as he is not coping and he will be going into year 1 soon and I worry about how he Will cope with more demanding curriculum. Thing is he's not being disruptive, and although his issues mean he's struggling, he's not bottom of the class accademically, so not sure how much more help he will be given. I just need to know what to do to help him. Is it reasonable to expect more help from school? I know I need to discuss this with teachers but am not quite sure what to say or what to ask.

youarekiddingme Mon 08-Jun-15 07:13:26

It's reasonable to expect all the support he needs to,remove the barriers to learning and for him to reach his full potential. Have a read on sendcop.

Have they looked at things such as wobble cushions for when he needs to sit?

You can also apply for an ehcp your self - see ipsea website. It's based on a child's needs not a diagnosis. all support should be needs based.

Tissie Mon 08-Jun-15 20:17:04

I would be pushing the school for an educational psychologist full assessment. This is a very muddled picture. Who decided he should have 15 mins for fine motor control and speech for social situations? It sounds to me as if the school has concerns but don't know what to do about it. What levels is he working at?
If you are worried about dyspraxia ask you GP fpr a referral to physiotherapy for assessment.

Violet22 Mon 08-Jun-15 22:13:23

Tissie, school decided on 15 mins fine motor, and social speech. I thought he was lucky to get that. Their concerns are thar he autistic which is why they asked me to go to CDC to be assessed. He had ados and questionnaire but the experts didn't diagnose him as he doesn't meet all criteria for autism. His speech therapist doesn't think he's autistic either. So he just has no diagnosis.

When you say levels he's working on do you mean NC levels? He is in Reception so working towards early learning goals. He does ok accademically, but ot has said he has visual planning issues and motor planning issues, and possibly audio processing issues which doesn't help him progress with reading and writing as he could.

youarekiddingme he does have a wobble cushion but presumably it's not helping which is why they've opted for him being allowed to colour. I don't know, I get ver little communication.

I will look into getting him an echp but will it make a difference? Surely the school still have to take it on board and support him.

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