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Present for DS with AS

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Teawaster Sun 07-Jun-15 11:00:28

DS who has AS and who is 14 next week wants a new lap top. He currently has one that's a few years old and is always moaning about it lagging and getting hot. He plays lots of Steam games and still some minecraft. His interests are limitedand I struggle to think of things to get him apart from computer type stuff. He has got enormous use of his current laptop so I don't think a new one would be a waste of money. He is always talking about getting a gaming Laptop but these seem to cost a fortune. Does anyone know of what would be the best type of lap top to support these types of games. I am willing to pay £500, as he will be getting money from grannies and aunts which can go towards it. Someone has recommended one from Currys which is on offer and this sounds good. Just wondering if any people here have any recommendations. Thanks

bedelia Sun 07-Jun-15 18:00:08

My eldest is obsessed with computer parts and specs, I'll ask him for recommendations when he gets in. He's similar in using his PC for Steam and Minecraft too ;)

Does it have to be a laptop? Knowing DS, the first things he'll mention will be that laptops are more difficult to cool, upgrade, and work out much more expensive (he thinks custom-built PCs offer the best value for gamers).

In any case, Id shop around - perhaps look at Currys/other High St retailers to find what you want, then price check on eBuyer/amazon/etc. Or even John Lewis (for the customer service and guarantees.

Teawaster Sun 07-Jun-15 19:55:56

Thanks v much. He likes having a lap top as he can take it about with him. My family live far away and when we visit he likes to take it with him . He also likes it move about the house with it as well rather than sit at a desk. However I would welcome suggestions on both types.

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