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Jamelly Sat 06-Jun-15 09:05:39

Hi guys, any information or advice would be greatly received regarding stage 2 of the statement ( we live in Wales so are still on statement ) we just want to make sure that we get it right, brief history our DS is 3 1/2 Dx at 3 with ASD, had previously been at an assessment unit however we decided to withdraw him after 3 weeks, he was biting others (this had not shown on over year n half at his day nursery) no one to one as promised, sensory over load putting everything in his mouth, teachers and nursery nurse with very little experience of ASD, basically they just weren't ready for him, and he become unhappy and unsettled, DS is now back in his day nursery (settled back in and is very happy) with full one to one that we fund for 2 x full days a week, I'm thinking of contacting his EP for advice and the statmenting officer, SNAP Cymru, and I'll be seeing his OT on Tuesday, any advice would be welcomed we just feel that we need to get this right, oh and DS has been to panel however was unsuccessful for ASD unit as there is no more spaces, we are currently putting our house up for sale as we have located a school that would suit dS in another area ( we were previously thinking of moving here just got to do it quicker now) do we name this school on the statement? We have spoken to this school and they are full for this years intake, sorry this message was suppose to be short n sweet but it's surprising when you write it down how much DS has been through and still is, that crystal ball would be good about now .

Ineedmorepatience Sat 06-Jun-15 10:24:10

I know the system in Wales is different to England but could he stay at the day nursery for another yr while you move and get the Asd unit named on his statement for next September eg 2016?

He is still very little and another yr of early years might benefit him especially as he is happy and settled!

Good luck flowers

2boysnamedR Sat 06-Jun-15 12:11:38

You could hold back as said by ineed or look into indi asd places if state is full.

The asd school I want for my son only takes a handful of kids so I'm looking at private ones as well just in case

Jamelly Sat 06-Jun-15 16:44:21

Were thinking along the same lines, can we put the day nursery down on the statement? were sort of thinking that then the LEA may fund it or some of it we have had some funding from the children's dis team but that covers some of the one to one.
We need the statement before we move authority as the new one we are moving to does not like to give out statements and that would be another battle of many so far.
Sorry if this sounds a bit silly but where do we find information on the private ASD schools/units ?

Thanks again guys

Ineedmorepatience Sat 06-Jun-15 22:12:03

In England you can name a day nursery on a statement! They come under a different team of people but it doesnt matter! The authority will have to provide funding to the nursery to pay for the additional provision on the statement.

Be aware that when you move the statement becomes the responsibility of the new authority! This could make things tricky for you when you move!

I would ask on her a specific question about finding independent schools, there are many websites but I am sure someone will know of a really helpful list!

Good luck flowers

bedelia Sat 06-Jun-15 22:22:03

This is a really useful tool to find special schools (including Indie) by location - it includes, Wales, I just checked. You'll need to use the checkboxes to narrow your search, and will hopefully be able to get contact details and more information about SEN provision from your search.

There's also a list of "approved" indie special schools on the website you might find useful. Hope these are helpful!

Jamelly Sun 07-Jun-15 08:11:21

Hi bedelia
Sorry I can't seem to find the link you were referring to first, I just checked the gov website and sadly no suitable indie schools.
Has anyone moved authority with a statement ?
Thanks again guys for your time and advice

bedelia Sun 07-Jun-15 09:06:31

Oops! I forgot the link for the school search. Try this:

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