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ScrewedOverBySurrey Thu 04-Jun-15 17:27:17

Wondering if anyone can confirm that the boss of children's services is the boss of SEN

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thereisnolocalofferonlyzuul Thu 04-Jun-15 18:12:13

Ultimately, yes. The Strategic Director for Children's Services is the boss of SEN at a strategic level.

The person beneath him, the Assistant Director for Children's Services & Safeguarding, is operationally responsible for SEN, and will be the person most in the firing line from the Ofsted report. I suspect she'll be heading for consultancy Valhalla very soon, if she's not already moved on. But it's one of her underlings who manages SEN assessment & services on a day-to-day basis.

Bear in mind though that this Ofsted inspection won't have looked at SEN provision in Surrey - it'll have inspected social care and safeguarding. The four geographic SEN Management teams - the people you'll probably have had dealings with as a Surrey resident looking for SEN provision for your child - won't have been inspected.

It's theoretically possible that new management sitting above the SEN teams might take a new approach to SEN provision - but I wouldn't count on this Ofsted inspection alone making much difference. The cultural problems in Surrey SEN are so bad, they are more like bacterial than organisational cultures.

ScrewedOverBySurrey Thu 04-Jun-15 18:14:32

I thought it was one and the same big cheese boss.

Now I understand better why my formal complaint to him my MP didn't get very far

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Icimoi Thu 04-Jun-15 18:45:27

Surrey's SEN provision is staggeringly poor. It's a real shame if Ofsted didn't look at them. Do they have power to do so?

thereisnolocalofferonlyzuul Thu 04-Jun-15 19:09:50

On paper, Ofsted have that power - but they're not ready to use it yet, and how effectively they'll use it is a big question.

The DfE has told Ofsted and the CQC to go and inspect "local areas" - LAs & NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups - on their effectiveness at meeting the new requirements of the Children & Families Act. Page 14 of the DfE document at this link gives you more.

At the moment, Ofsted & the CQC are drawing up the framework that will guide these inspections. They were planning to start inspections early next year, but they're behind schedule because they don't have the slightest Danny La Rue where to start because of prior reform commitments.

We'll all need to take a long hard look at this framework, for a couple of reasons:

- Right now, the idea is that there will be a 3-person inspection team: one from Ofsted, one from the CQC... and the third will be a member of the LA. Nice and cosy. That idea has to be shot into low-earth orbit.

- Ofsted have pockets of expertise in SEN, but nothing at central level except a very harried lead HMI with a special school background, who's been pulled out of retirement for this job.

What Ofsted do have - in spades - are legions of sub-contracted "SEN specialists" who know jack shit about the law, and even less about quality provision - but who know an awful lot about picking up juicy education consultancy contracts from LAs. You'll have encountered one of them on the boards last week. If Ofsted use people like this to inspect SEN services, then it's fucked from the get go.

2boysnamedR Thu 04-Jun-15 21:03:42

I fear the future. I really do. It's only getting worse.

When / if everything gets privatised some one will be trying to figure out how much they can cream off in profit from the £4000 a head pupil funding.

I wonder if that's where it's going to head?

Icimoi Fri 05-Jun-15 12:24:58

thereis, that document indicates that they were going to consult on the proposals in late spring, but I can't see anything on the websites they link about this. Do you know what is happening about that?

thereisnolocalofferonlyzuul Fri 05-Jun-15 16:24:02

Last I heard (this week) was this:

The framework for this new inspection is currently being developed and Ofsted and CQC are currently speaking with a wide range of stakeholders. We are keen to gather the views of parents and carers.

There will be a formal consultation about aspects of the inspection later in the year.

ChaiseLounger Mon 08-Jun-15 17:44:04

Wonders if anything will change? Probably not!

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