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Using Blue badge for disabled parking in USA

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vjg13 Tue 02-Jun-15 18:11:15

Has anyone used their child's blue badge in either Florida or Georgia. I am getting lots of conflicting information depending on which website I look at. Some say for Florida you can get a temporary one but the Florida DMV say they only issue a new one using a Dr's letter etc, like applying here.
confused TIA

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 02-Jun-15 18:51:08

Are you hiring a car, if so what have the hire car company said?.

This website may prove useful to you:-

From this I have gathered the following:-
Visitor from abroad - you cannot use your Parking Permit in Florida but can use it to obtain a temporary Permit for the duration of your stay. Obtain the Permit (in person, or via a family member, friend or guardian) at any Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles office; show your own Parking Permit and Passport, and pay the $15 fee.

Re Georgia:-
Visitor from abroad – we are currently unable to say whether or not your Parking Permit can be used in Georgia – ask locally if you are entitled to the parking concessions.

The problem you also have is that each state generally operates their own independently run scheme.

(Generally speaking US parking bays are much wider than the parking bays seen in this country).

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