ABA friendly residential school somewhere, anywhere

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finefatmama Mon 01-Jun-15 23:42:44

DS1 is due to start year 6 next year and we will be switching to an EHC. We believe he needs education beyond the normal school day and are wondering if anyone knows of an ABA friendly residential school.

I know I'm not articulating his needs properly here but will do my best. DS is non verbal, hyperactive and of late starting to get very aggressive. his skills have not quite had a chance to generalise across all settings and as we both work, there have been limited opportunities to do so after school which may be adding to his boredom and lack of engagement. He recently developed an obsession for an algebra app and actually gets it. He now enjoys chopping potatoes and veg with me. We think he needs a setting with much longer hours and more opportunities to learn basic skills and life skills as well as generalise those to a residential setting. He doesn't seem to like coming home to the au pair after school and keeps trying to escape. he asks to go out for a drive or some activity every day but we get home very late and are exhausted. if he doesn't get his own way, he throws a real tantrum and has begun to get violent with others who are not fully trained like the au pair and children at his after school club.

We are staring to consider residential schooling and the first one we visited informed us that they have had serious difficulties with ABA-ers as they do not do reinforcement especially edibles an were not confident of the transition to their school. I'd hate to think VB/ABA is incompatible with residential placement and will be most grateful for advice about how to proceed.

Or is anyone aware if such a free school in the pipeline ? i am willing to sign up as a supportive parent.

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adrianna22 Tue 02-Jun-15 00:05:55

ABA/VBA schools are ridiculously expensive at it is, on top of that a residential placement. This will cost the LA £££££££.

I know of many ABA day schools, but haven't come across a residential one before. Let me check and I'll get back to you.

adrianna22 Tue 02-Jun-15 00:18:42

Ive searched OP. I don't think there is one..

adrianna22 Tue 02-Jun-15 00:24:38

I think Treehouse school is a residential school! they definitely do ABA.

finefatmama Tue 02-Jun-15 16:29:33

Thanks so much. I will send them an email

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pastizzi Tue 02-Jun-15 17:53:25

I'm pretty sure Treehouse isn't residential

adrianna22 Tue 02-Jun-15 17:57:29

Ah! Sorry OP, Treehouse isn't residential. To be honest, so far, I can't see the ABA schools offering residential placements.

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