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ABA tutor available, north London

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theDudesmummy Mon 18-May-15 10:35:07

Hi ABA people, we have a lovely (male) TA who works with our DS at school, and is also integrated into our ABA programme. He has attended training, attends workshops with our consultant, and has one school session a week where he is shadowed by our lead tutor, and has developed a big interest in ABA. We are very happy with his work (see for example the other thread, which I am just about to write, regarding a school assembly last week) and we are badgering him to continue to be the TA for the next school year (DS attends school half time).

He has expressed a lot of interest in spending the other half of his days working as an ABA tutor. If anyone around north London (school is in N6 area) is looking for a tutor he would really be worth interviewing. He may still be training but is very responsive and learns quickly, and understands the underlying ABA principles, he is also very calm and tuned to the needs of the child.

If anyone is interested please PM me.

Motivatedmum4 Mon 22-Jun-15 16:49:47

Hello Hun, isit possible I could please get contact details for him? I'm new here so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong lol!

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