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These EHCPs = tips for things to watch out for?

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Scaffold18 Sun 17-May-15 15:13:02

I have 2 dc with SEN. DD1(10) has a Statement which will be transferred to an EHCP by next Sept I believe. DD2 (6) doesn't have an EHCP yet, but the SENCO has said they will apply for one soon. DD1 has ASC and DD2 has too, just not yet diagnosed (on wait list, blah, blah).

So, for those of you that have already done this - what do I need to think about? What sort of things should I be wary of? I know that each LA is different, but what sort of problems/blocking attempts have you come across already? I know the new system is meant to be better, but tbh, it is the same LA team, with the same people, with the same attitudes, so I am expecting a(nother) fight with probably unfair tactics. Sigh.

Just want to be as pre-armed as possible I suppose. I suspect I will make IPSEA my homepage once we start.

Icimoi Sun 17-May-15 16:39:09

DD1 should have a reassessment before transferring to an ECHP.

The main things to watch out for are similar to what you needed to look out for with statements - in particular that provision in section F is properly detailed, specific and quantified in terms of things like frequency, hours and level of expertise. Some LAs are trying to claim that it is no longer necessary to give detail and specifics, but they're 100% wrong. Also check that they're not putting things like speech and language therapy and occupational therapy solely in the health section, they should be in section F.

Cheekychip Sun 17-May-15 20:30:10

Only sections B and F are enforceable.
So if it affects education (most things do!) make sure it's in section B.

Icimoi is right, make sure that F is full of detail like who is going to do it, what level of training should they have, how frequent will it happen.

SOS!SEN are a great charity who can advise you.

SayWhatYouC Sun 17-May-15 21:54:00

Aww, thank you. That's really useful to know.

Are EHCPs harder to get than Statements do you reckon? Any idea what kind of reassessment it is? I'm a little worried that as DS1 has been doing so well, he might not get an EHCP, eventhough he's doing so well because he has a Statement iyswim? I've also had a look at a few threads on here, and it seems like lots of people are being turned down, or lied too sad.

Icimoi Sun 17-May-15 22:17:56

The guidance dished out to LAs by the Department for Education is that the normal expectation is that all statements will be converted into EHCPs. The criteria are virtually identical to the old ones.

The reassessment is supposed to be basically the same process as you went through for the statement, but it is meant to be a much more inclusive process with the child at the centre, and they are supposed to listen to the child and parent's views and take them properly into account. It's also meant to include a more in-depth social care and medical assessment, if relevant. However, you can agree just to use the reports you used previously for the statement, but you, the LA and the experts producing those reports all have to agree. In your case, as you have two DC with SN they probably really ought to be looking at some help with care as well as education.

In practice some LAs haven't been doing reassessments - it's unlawful, but I suppose whether you make a fuss about that depends on whether you are happy with the statement and its contents being copied into the EHCP.

Scaffold18 Sun 17-May-15 22:24:47

Bookmarks SOSSEN lol! Maybe I won't be laughing soon though. Thanks for the advice peeps - this is very helpful.

In what way does Care fit in? We don't have a social worker - will we be allocated one? I'd rather not be tbh. We cope just fine at home mainly, we just do our thing. It's school that the DC need support.

At the moment, DS1 is doing fine. Before the Statement it was pretty much a nightmare. Obviously we have senior school looming now, so I don't want him getting shafted just as he is moving school (which is scary enough as it is, without playing the 'guess that the LA will do next' game...).

senvet Mon 18-May-15 00:49:35

Already seen OT and SALT slipping out of Education sections....

Care is only relevant where you do have a social worker eg if you have a respite care package on top of school.

As well as SOSSEN, you can get help from the National Autistic Society where htere is a helpline with trained volunteers. You ring 0808 800 4102 and leave a message. They call you back and allocate you a volunteer.

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