Statement awarded and transferred to ehcp at the same teim

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Levantine Fri 15-May-15 16:45:05

My ds was granted a statement about a month ago, but nothing about what exactly would be provided. We agreed at the time that we would do it all as an ehcp, but I have heard nothing more from them. When should I chase?

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fairgame Fri 15-May-15 18:21:07

Your statement should say exactly what will be provided and for how long and by who. If it doesn't then you really need to get some advice as to whether it needs to be appealed. It might be worth giving IPSEA a call on Monday.

Icimoi Fri 15-May-15 18:39:42

Don't wait for them one minute longer, get your appeal in. Someone else on here had a similar situation (*bjkmummy*?) and I think that is what she was advised to do.

They can't do an EHC Plan without an EHC Needs Assessment and a transfer review. It may be that the reports they got for the statement will be adequate, but they can only use them if you and the original authors of the report agree. But if your child has health or social care needs, they should be doing a wider assessment so that they can make detailed and specific provision for them as well.

Levantine Fri 15-May-15 19:59:45

I think they are on it, ds had another ot assessment last week which surprised me as his statutory assessment one was pretty thorough. I was totally on it during sa process but havw dropped the ball a bit in the month since.

So I assume we are waiting for them to send a draft of what they propose. Is their a deadline that they have to work to?

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auntie432 Tue 19-May-15 20:39:48

This sounds strange. There should not have been any new statements issued after about December really as the new legislation came in on 1 September 2014. There would have been some children under assessment under the old regulations at that time but these should have been mopped up really by Christmas. It sounds as though you were offered the chance to have an EHC plan instead, which is perfectly ok. Are you sure it's a draft statement? I would suggest you urgently contact what used to be Parent Partnership (now IASS) or an Independent supporter. There are Independent Support services in all areas. There is a list on the Council for Disabled Children's website or ask your LA as they have a duty to inform you of these services. IASS or Independent Supporters will be able to guide you through the whole process and help you to understand what is supposed to happen. Alternatively contact IPSEA although you may not get through to the helpline straightaway and might need to book a call as they are so busy. You only have fifteen days to respond to a draft statement or EHC plan so it's important to act quickly if you need help. Good luck

Icimoi Wed 20-May-15 22:47:01

Yes, when you say he was granted a statement, do you mean that? Or were you simply told that the LA would do an assessment with a view to deciding whether to issue an EHCP?

To be honest, you're probably better off contacting SOS SEN or IPSEA than IASS.

levantine Fri 22-May-15 07:23:36

Definitely a statement, we applied last summer, assessments in autumn, appealed, went to tribunal.

19 hours a week. I was asked to out in writing that I was happy for it to be transferred straight to an ehcp and have heard nothing since. Just another ot assessment at school which I found odd

levantine Fri 22-May-15 07:25:00

Auntie432 I haven't seen any crafts and it was granted in mid April. I should chase shouldn't I

Icimoi Fri 22-May-15 15:28:10

Ignore the EHCP issue: they have no obligation in law to produce one so there is no deadline and there's nothing you can do to speed it up. Get your appeal against the inadequate statement in! Otherwise you will find you are too late to appeal and the LA doesn't have to do an EHCP until whatever the deadline for tranfer is in your area, which could be months or even years ahead.

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