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does anyone else not really like home visits?

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GettaWound Tue 05-May-15 19:35:02

Not to the point where I'd refuse one but I do secretly dislike them and wish we could meet at the clinic. For early years round here it's a definite thing. I understand for some difficulties home visits are important, but it's so intrusive. I feel quite under the microscope at times, house and me. A little irrational maybe, but I just like my space.

Dd now has hearing aids, which also involves home visits. They have a lovely local clinic and I do wish they'd meet there. I appreciate the offer, but I feel checked over.

I'm irrational and I wouldn't say anything... but being honest, does anyone else feel the same? It's a pressure to be all round perfect I guess with my other children I shut the door and indulged in some messy days or lazy parenting at times and that was our private family space. Suddenly being an "additional needs" parent the standard got higher than for others, it's additional stress. I'm still a working mum juggling a number of children and didn't morph into supermum once the child development tea met us, I feel quite embarrassed missing coffee mornings and groups then explaining it. But we need income, and I do support dd in similar well planned ways.

A moan I know, just looking for understanding!

2boysnamedR Tue 05-May-15 22:15:20

I have home start come every week so I don't mind home visits. I don't care what they think of my house tbh. I have bigger fish to fry then my dusting!

I think if nobody ever came I would descend into squalor so it's just as well home start come every week, I tidy up for her which isn't the point really.

Early years come round to but that's about all. I don't think I could handle everyone turning up constantly.

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