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Hypermobility & EDS ?

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Kittypickle Tue 27-Apr-04 19:20:20

DD (5) has had a recent physio & OT assessment due to concerns about her co-ordination. The assessment showed that she has hypermobile joints and low muscle tone. She also had SALT as her pronounciation is poor and will probably be having some speech therapy in the summer, once she has finished her physio & OT.

I think a couple of you have children with hypermobility and I wonder if I could just run a couple of things past you. I've just remembered an incident a couple of years ago when she fell off the sofa. She fell awkardly on her shoulder, screamed and when she stood up her shoulder was hanging very oddly and I could have sworn it dislocated. She moved and it became normal again. She was incredibly pale and seemed in shock for a few minutes, then recovered and started bouncing around again. I know it sounds silly now, but at the time I thought I must have imagined it and she couldn't really have dislocated her shoulder. I think now she must have. Totally bad mother that I am I didn't even take her to the doctor

My Mum was apparently incredibly good at gymnastics when she was a child, very flexible - currently has extremely bad hips. She bruises very easily, as I do and DD as well. My joints however seem totally normal. I've had a look on the net and read a couple of sites on EDS. I haven't mentioned about the bruising to the physio or the shoulder incident as I'd forgotten about it. Any comments anyone can make on this would be really helpful. TIA

AussieSim Tue 27-Apr-04 19:38:08

I am hypermobile, althoug wasn't properly diagnosed till I was 32 I think. If I sleep on my side in the night, when I wake up in the morning I have to thrust it back into place with loud crack. I wasted heaps of money at the chiropracter (neck, back, shoulders), before a locum chiro told me that I was hypermobile and should just do strenghthening exercises to keep things in place and try to maintain good posture.

I wouldn't worry about the shoulder incident. Even if you had taken DD to the Dr they would have said it looks fine now, don't worry. I don't bruise that easily. I was flexible as a child - wish I had done gymnastics and my physio told me just in recent years that I was v flexible but my problem was muscle strength.

The biggest side effect for me is Migraines. The thing I love most is massage, although the effects are fairly temporary. When I get back to Australia I am going to try acupuncture.

Probably not exactly what you were looking for, but I guess the main point is that it isn't life threatening and if your dd keeps fit and toned she shouldn't suffer with it. I wish I had been diagnosed so young. I guess I better keep an eye on my DS - thanks for the reminder.

lou33 Wed 28-Apr-04 00:54:22

I have EDS and 3 of my four children do too. You can contact me through mumsnet if you want.

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