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Dypsraxia and pain

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Orange32 Wed 18-Feb-15 16:42:59

hi DS recently received final confirmation of Dyspraxia. He has been complaining for a number of years about pain in his legs. However the pain has been getting a lot worse over the last few months. it is starting to impact on him doing his activities as he has to sit out due to the pain.Walking for any length and running are hard for him at the moment

He has pains in his feet, legs, back and neck. he has also started to complain of stomach pain

is it normal for a 10 year to have pain on a regular basis due to dyspraxia?

he has being doing OT for a number of months now. A physical therapist confirmed he is not hyper mobile but is not sure what is causing this pain

he has a docs appointment on Friday for this, he has been before

Any advice would be welcome


senvet Wed 18-Feb-15 17:32:55

my ds who is dyspraxic got quite a lot of growing pains around that age, and had to drop a lot of sport, but it was more joints than back and neck, and certainly not stomach -except eating a lot to feed the growth spurt.

Fear this is not hitting the spot for you

frazzledbutcalm Wed 18-Feb-15 20:44:45

We see a private podiatrist, who says there's no such thing as growing pains ... there's always a reason behind the pain. Mine have all suffered with 'growing pains' and horrendous leg/muscle pain also. They all have 'flat feet' which again, is a myth. The flat feet are caused by overpronation of the ankles/heels. We have orthotic insoles for them (prescribed by the podiatrist, measured specifically for their needs, measured in angles etc). The difference is remarkable! They only get pain now when they're growing which makes the muscles tighten. If they do their leg exercies during this time it keeps them supple and soft so less/no pain.

We've tried nhs insoles but they're not a patch on our private ones. Others have managed fine with nhs ones.

Hope you find and solve the problem for your ds.

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