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Pragmatic language disorder

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sleepyhorse Sun 15-Feb-15 16:57:21

Hi there

Just wondered if someone could explain to me what this is. The speech therapist is saying that now that DS is 6 yrs old his symptoms are becoming clearer and has said she strongly suspects this is what he has. I have googled it and from what I can gather it's the social communication side of language and struggling to use language in an appropriate context. Is this correct? Is it a form of autism?

Ineedmorepatience Sun 15-Feb-15 17:17:12

Hmm, people with autism nearly always if not always have difficulties with the pragmatic and semantic parts of language. But for a diagnosis of autism you have to have difficulties in all three areas of the "triad of impairments" which you could google.

I worked with a child quite a few years ago who had a diagnosis of semantic pragmatic disorder but I thought I read somewhere that they were not giving that as a stand alone diagnosis anymore! Am happy to be corrected though.

Hope that helps and good luck flowers

sleepyhorse Sun 15-Feb-15 19:00:22

Oh ok thank you. What does pragmatic mean in this context?

senvet Sun 15-Feb-15 19:33:55

quite possible to have language disorders separate from ASD
I helped a kid with severe expressive language delay but no other symptoms.

zzzzz Sun 15-Feb-15 21:20:55

Delay and disorder are quite different. One is a child who follows a typical path but at a slower rate the other is a child who goes off piste and acquires skills outside the normal order.
Pragmatics are all about the give and take of conversation and implication. My child has a severe language disorder but his difficulties go far beyond pragmatics.
For a diagnosis of autism you will have to fulfil the whole criteria though. A paediatrician rather than a speech and language therapist would give you a more robust assessment.

The support and intervention suggested for children with autism would be very helpful for a child with any form of communication disorder and certainly not detrimental.

sleepyhorse Sun 15-Feb-15 21:59:53

Thanks zzzzz that's really helpful.
DS is now on an asd ARP in a mainstream school. He doesn't have a dx of autism but does have language disorder and socisl communication issues and a very complex profile I'm told. So feel very lucky that we got him into this school and a place on the ARP as the support he is getting is definately right for him

zzzzz Sun 15-Feb-15 23:15:24

I have no idea if this is typical but my ds was a slightly quirky under seven with huge language issues so huge difficulty communicating and understanding. At 7 school became a torture but in the following 2 to 3 years his language has improved massively and he becomes ever more obviously autistic (to me!). He's nearly 10 now and can chat in a way I never dreamed possible. Expect everything to change.... A lot!

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