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What sort of evidence should I be gathering?

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Sahkoora Mon 09-Feb-15 13:38:11

Starting the ASD dx process for DS2 (3). He's currently on a six-week SALT course for attention and listening skills and he hasn't really engaged much with them from what I can gather.

He has a referral to the paediatrician but this will take months to come through.

When DS1 was dxed, we had a mountain of evidence from school and other professionals to back up our concerns. He was also older and much more articulate than DS2, and was diagnosed relatively easily, after an ADOS test, which they gave us without too much of a fight.

DS2 doesn't start nursery until September, so I am very aware than it is pretty much only us who has concerns about him. Barring anything the SALT team may or may not say, is there anything I should be putting together for the paed? Should I be videoing the flapping and lining up, for instance? Or will a few notes do? How likely am I to be believed? I just hear so many bad things about how hard it is to get a dx and think we got away lightly last time!


Ineedmorepatience Mon 09-Feb-15 18:22:02

Yes get video evidence and keep and diary of his difficulties, what causes them(if you know) and how you deal with them!

If you make notes relate them to what you already know about Asd.

Good luck flowers

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