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Using proloquo2go

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Broaderband Sat 24-Jan-15 05:55:57

DD is 5 and has physical disabilities but also no speech. She has been assessed as SLD but I think they accept it is because she can't handle anything much and speech! We are doing Headsprout and she is flying through the episodes at one a day with a large touchscreen and me steadying her hand (not guiding it!).

She has an ipad and manages to play angry birds so that's the maximum level of hand control. Only one hand is used btw.

We have a 3x3 screen guard on the ipad and proloquo2go and starting as basic level, but school can't help, her SALT (the invisible woman) won't allow it in school or give us any guidance and we have no real idea how to start. DD will just keep randomly pressing keys to see what happens but not to communicate.

Just found out today that she has to learn how it's used in the same way a toddler learns to speak, ie be exposed to it for a long time, play with it, learn how it works etc. That's where I am stuck. What do I put on it to start with? Very confused!

hazeyjane Sat 24-Jan-15 06:16:00

My ds is just starting a trial with an AAC device, but under the guidance of a specialist AAC SALT - school are on board after a bit of persuasion, and after the trial we will make an application for funding for the device and training for us and school.

One thing we were told by AAC SALT is that having a seperate device is quite important, rather than an ipad that is used for other things.

Ds has it written in to his statement that the school have to use Makaton and an AAC device.

Would it be possible to have an AAC SALT assess your dd and see what they say?

The device we have is an SB10 with the Grid2 supplied by Smartbox - if you look here it looks as though they can do assessments themselves, it might be worth emailing or calling them for some information.

Broaderband Sat 24-Jan-15 10:21:34

The proloqo2go is very similar to the power box and the company also do an ipad with similar features.( I'll put a couple of screenshots to show how versatile P2Go is) so it's not the equipment that's the issue. The school SALT is looking in the future for an ipad anyway but at the moment is just doing picture cards on Velcro. Ive enquired about this and been directed to a website which says we can't expect a child to just know how communication works without a playing around period. This is what DD was doing in school and SALT banned it!

I don't think the company above would use my own equipment so I need to stick with the ipad as that's where school are headed but I'll try to find a private salt which deals with AACs.

Broaderband Sat 24-Jan-15 10:22:46

Broaderband Sat 24-Jan-15 10:25:22

I have put al lot of other things on the ipad blush but the screen guard blocks the switches and I also use guided access to stop the inevitable turning on and off!

hanbee Sun 25-Jan-15 15:05:49

My DS1 has also just begun an AAC trial. He was referred to AAC SALT by his specialist SALT age 4.5, he was finally assessed last summer age 5.9 after we complained and stressed the effect his lack of speech was having on his behaviour.

He first had the dedicated ipad with proloquo in school on Friday. SALT as visiting weekly to teach him to use it.

We begin training in a few weeks time.

hanbee Sun 25-Jan-15 15:07:10

Should have added that my son has Cerebral palsy: motor problems, learning disability and expressive language disorder.

Broaderband Sun 25-Jan-15 15:31:01

DD has CP and poor hand movements too. We think too it's affecting her behaviour as she can be very disengaged at times and just ignores people! Not if she wants to join in something though.

I think you've done really well to get some training in place. I am now looking at private intervention.

If you read the link I've put up (referred to that from the 'parents of proloquo2go parents' Facebook page, which I suggest you join!) it says the child needs to explore the ipad so don't be too disappointed if it's not all go at first.

The person I've contacted I hope will give us an idea where to start.

hanbee Tue 27-Jan-15 18:27:38

Thanks. I've requested to join the Facebook group you recommended.

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