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School - Early Annual Review - what is realistic?

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sweetteamum Fri 23-Jan-15 16:30:36

DS 12, started mainstream secondary school in September 2014. And has been out of school since beginning of October.

He is dx'd with PDA, ADHD & Dyslexia.

Early annual review was called Beginning of November. EP has said numerous times to me that she had concerns about DS's ability to cope in Mainstream and although the minutes of the meeting were taken by school senco, they haven't been correctly typed out - which obviously doesn't help.

We do have a fab advocate working with us but I'd love others views on what I can do or expect them to do.

Anyway, At AR we asked for a change of placement to a more specialist school.

The AR has not been completed yet as there's apparently a loophole in the law which enables it.

There is due to be a professionals meeting in a couple of weeks and I'm presuming they're going to try to get him back into mainstream.

The LA have sent two of their colleagues out to seek DS's views and I don't personally believe they're accurate and were very much leading questions. Obviously, I let them get on with it as I'm trying to be as open as possible.

The EP has failed to say her previous concerns and has said he needs to go back into mainstream.

I must also add that he had a tutor but it hasn't worked out so now he's beenleft without an education.

Am I completely unreasonable to not want him to go through the whole trauma of mainstream again? And can they honestly expect that?

He had full time support, apart from breaks and lunch, when it wasn't needed. Although they've since admitted his ta was also used for other children.

Not sure what I'm expecting from posting this but I am worrying myself sick over this. As well as being fuming with the EP, obviously.

senvet Fri 23-Jan-15 18:20:12

You are totally on the right track sweet.

So start preparations for the appeal. You can file it the day the final hits your door mat. Wow only 6 days til you file your appeal! start that photocopier copying the Statement etc

And I hope you will find getting active on the appeal helps dispel the worrying a bit, although worrying is a mother's right to quote a film.

Was DC excluded in October, or just unable to bring himself to walk through the door?

You are entitled to full time education to meet your DCs needs. And with the new ECHP you are entitled to the Best Possible. So if an ECHP comes your way, welcome it with open jaws.

Do you have resource for any independent experts?
If not, do you live in Kent/Sussex
Or when you get to appeal will you be entitled to legal aid?

Oh, and taking the child's views is supposed to be done by an independent person eg Action for Children. Was it them, or reps from the LA? If they were LA reps, then ask Action for Children to do it.

Good Luck for now

sweetteamum Sat 24-Jan-15 15:39:10

Thanks senvet.

I'm not in that area. I'm in the North West.

Don't think I'll be entitled to legal aid but I will look into it and make sure - is it based on household or each parent, do you know?

It was LA reps that did it. I hadn't even realised others were supposed to do it. Should I contact Action for Children direct and ask them?

I honestly don't know when I can put the appeal in, as they haven't concluded Early Annual Review yet. The review was actually the beginning of November and the professionals meeting is only being held at the beginning of February. I'm sure they'll just state mainstream again but don't understand why after it going so wrong.

Things got too much for him and he was unable to cope, which is when he stopped going.

senvet Sat 24-Jan-15 17:06:16

You can put in the appeal the day you have a letter saying 'You have two months from the date of this letter to file an appeal.

ARs and everything else do not change that. The old statement just has to trundle along with its ARs etc, whilst the appeal keeps running on the new proposed final.

I had a look at Action for Children's website and can't see anything about how to access services like this, so I guess it will be the main switchboard or its email equivalent to start with.

If you put a new post on 'chat about your child' there may be loads of other suggestions.

sweetteamum Sat 24-Jan-15 21:27:21

I should imagine I'll receive that letter after the professionals meeting then. And as their EP has said mainstream again I'm under no illusion that it'll be going to tribunal. I personally just think it's a delay tactic as they know I'll appeal.

Thank you for looking on the website for me. I'll contact them on Monday.

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