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Need some advice please

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Louise091283 Fri 23-Jan-15 07:49:43

I have had my 7 yr old boy referred to community peds , due to showing strong signs of adhd with border line Aspergers. How long do you have to wait for an appointment to come through ?! Gp sent referral off last Tuesday ! All new too this so not sure roughly time scale wise . Louise

fairgame Fri 23-Jan-15 08:04:16

It really depends on where you live. In my area it's 4-5 months for an initial community paediatrician appointment. Then it's a further 2 years to go through the Asd pathway but only about 7 months to go through the ADHD pathway.
But in other areas its a totally different set up and waiting times are different.

PolterGoose Fri 23-Jan-15 08:41:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coppertop Fri 23-Jan-15 11:08:39

Mine waited 3 months for an initial appointment and then the same again for a full assessment.

I've heard though that it takes a lot longer now due to a massive increase in demand. so I would expect it to be longer now.

Best of luck to you. flowers

zzzzz Fri 23-Jan-15 13:58:57

About 6 months for initial contact.

athomewithcats Fri 23-Jan-15 16:09:03

For us it's been 24 weeks for initial appointment with community peadiatrician, and now waiting for assessment, it's been 14 weeks and no appointment yet. This is for Aspergers.

OneInEight Fri 23-Jan-15 17:16:29

Just be prepared that the Community Paediatrician's may reject the referral especially if some of the issues could be deemed mental health problems such as anxiety. CAMHS and the Community Paediatrician played Ping-Pong for a while with the referrals for both. You just have to persevere and eventually you will get seen - it is likely to be a few months though round here

senvet Fri 23-Jan-15 18:23:47

Or take out a new mortgage and go private?

Good LuckLouise

Tunna Fri 23-Jan-15 22:53:56

If you have any allies they can sometimes push through things a little quicker. My school nurse rang the hospital to see if there were any 'gaps' and got me an appointment for just 3 weeks later. However the multidisciplinary approach meant that it still took 10 months to see all the other professionals and for it to reach panel.

good luck!

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