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senvet Thu 22-Jan-15 02:48:13

Can anyone please help chrisl1967, regarding ds who is Dyslexic and has ADHD. Chrisl1967 posted on the education tab "We are just finalising his statement and has to name a school. Im' really struggling to find one I've tried Breedon I didn't think it was for him, Iv'e tried a school in Lichfield wouldn't have him I'm really desperate for a school who can accommodate his needs. Has anyone, in the West Midlands area, got any advice or help?"

adrianna22 Thu 22-Jan-15 03:27:14

What about Abingdon house school?

I've heard some good things about it, but haven't seen the school myself.

OneInEight Thu 22-Jan-15 08:17:06

Cambian New Elizabethan School near Kidderminster is worth a look as they take pupils with this profile as well as children with HFA or AS.

chrisl1967 Fri 23-Jan-15 19:27:37

Thank you for replying I haven't heard of these schools but i will definitely check out these schools. If anybody heres of anymore schools Ill be really grateful. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
from a desperate mom

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