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Home Ed and EHC Plans - Where is the poster who said you could have detailed EHC plans?

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senvet Sat 10-Jan-15 22:40:37

nettletea on the education tab is asking about EHC plans and Home ed.
My only experience of this mix is pretty negative, and then tonight, somewhere on the child tab, I saw someone saying you could have detailed EHC Plans with Home Ed.
Can you help?
It would be great if things have moved on so home edders can have SN help.
Thanks in advance

Icimoi Sun 11-Jan-15 22:32:01

No direct experience, but the law requiring detail and specifics in EHCPs applies in exactly the same way to home ed as to children in schools.

AgnesDiPesto Mon 12-Jan-15 00:19:26

Would be entitled to request assessment for EHC plan.

I don't think EHCP for home ed is legally enforceable in same way - as you are taking legal responsibility for the education.
You might have health provision etc listed in Plan and can be useful - but again not enforceable in same way as educ
Councils have discretion (but not duty) to provide financial support for home ed (so most don't)
A EHC might be useful for home ed if plan to go back into education or to list health provision etc

What you can also have is EHCP for Education Otherwise than at school under s.61 Children & Families Act 2014 - but only if its agreed your childs needs cannot be met in school. In that case the Council stays legally responsible for education & funding it even though the programme takes place out of school. Often parents face pressure for this to be short term with view to getting child back into school in future.

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