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Not stealthy at all boast :D

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PolterGoose Wed 07-Jan-15 19:03:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Wed 07-Jan-15 19:11:50

What lovely news! Catch 'em doing the stuff you want them to do and reinforce. That's the way to go.

SauvignonBlanche Wed 07-Jan-15 19:12:49

Well done! grin

ouryve Wed 07-Jan-15 19:41:50

Wow! Nice one, poltergosling!shockgrin

PolterGoose Wed 07-Jan-15 19:42:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ineedmorepatience Wed 07-Jan-15 19:44:06

YAY!! So pleased this thread was you polter you and Ds deserve to hear positive things even if he doesnt like it wink

hazeyjane Wed 07-Jan-15 20:03:16

What a superstar. grin

moondog Wed 07-Jan-15 20:04:28

Well that is what is so marvellous about stuff like this. Waves of reinforcement wash over everyone.

Kleinzeit Wed 07-Jan-15 20:07:52

That's great! smile Lovely to hear good news. Your hard work is paying off.

zzzzz Wed 07-Jan-15 20:27:00

grin oh I like this new school!

Tunna Wed 07-Jan-15 20:31:40

Fab news polter a brilliant result, may this be the first of many!

Handywoman Wed 07-Jan-15 20:34:43

Fantastic smile your ds school sounds brilliant! <holds out a modicum of hope>

PolterGoose Wed 07-Jan-15 20:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

reader108 Wed 07-Jan-15 21:00:04

That school sounds fantastic recognize and reward achievement. Long may he continue to make you proud.

blanklook Wed 07-Jan-15 21:28:12

Brilliant news Polter I'm delighted for you [champagne corks popping emoticon]

That school certainly know what they are doing, don't they grin

Borka Wed 07-Jan-15 22:26:51

How wonderful, well done to your DS! The school sounds so good.

senvet Thu 08-Jan-15 00:01:54

That has just made my day. I will go to sleep grinning from ear to ear

MeirAyaAlibi Thu 08-Jan-15 02:04:56

Well done miniPolter grin

I love those schools that the 'naice' parents avoid like the plague. Amazing places - great attitude, usually great teaching, much kinder children, and often extremely good academic results once you adjust for the catchment and their inability to rely on parents buying in after-school-tutoring.

Ds is down for one as his 1st choice. If he doesn't get in, we'll be appealing wink

PolterGoose Thu 08-Jan-15 07:29:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

homework Thu 08-Jan-15 07:37:03

Well done to your son , he's really grow with this school in all areas of his development , proud mum icon well deserved , often we don't give ourselves enough credit for the amount of work we put into our children and getting them though the day .

Flook76 Thu 08-Jan-15 08:05:15

That's great Poltergoose!

LastNightaKinderEggSavedMyLife Thu 08-Jan-15 08:21:45

That is so fantastic PolterGoose!

I'm so happy for you and your Ds that his school is going well smile

PolterGoose Thu 08-Jan-15 09:27:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

streakybacon Thu 08-Jan-15 09:28:01

Oh, how lovely! I am so chuffed for you and ds grin. It just shows what can be achieved for children like ours when schools are prepared to make the effort. Fingers crossed they keep it going smile.

streakybacon Thu 08-Jan-15 09:30:36

Crikey! Just read your last post shock. Have that SENCo cloned immediately - you'd make a fortune! What wonderful feedback - I think I may have something in my eye too wink.

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