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Child's view

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Bilberry Wed 07-Jan-15 00:33:20

I have a form asking for my child views for his plan. He is only 5 but thought I would give it a shot.

First question: 'what do you do well in school'? This means nothing to ds who doesn't understand what 'do well' means. He answered 'reading and writing' as that is what he does in school.

Second question: 'is there anything that stops you doing as well as you can in school'? Answer: 'It tricky... I not talking' which translates as 'I don't understand the question so I am not going to give an answer.' question doesn't make sense to me either

Last two questions: 'what has helped you in the past?' and 'what help do you think you might need in the future?' These are also beyond his understanding so I asked 'what helps you?' Answer 'Mrs (specialised language teacher), Mrs (salt), Miss (LSA), (OT).'

I know I won't get anymore than this as basically he is too young to understand and he doesn't have the communication skills anyway.

Do you think there is any point in submitting this? Up to now we've just ignored the 'child's views' section as he is too young and his views are more correctly assessed by whether he is happy and settled or not.

uggerthebugger Wed 07-Jan-15 06:27:49

Definitely submit it - it's a good response, it shows what he thinks, and it shows how his needs get in the way. And if you don't send it, the school are likely to put their own version forward.

When my DSs were that old, we used pictures / Widgit symbols for him to tick or cross off to show what he liked or didn't like, but the way you've done it looks good to me.

hazeyjane Wed 07-Jan-15 06:56:57

ds is non verbal and wouldn't understand the questions, but we filled in the child's views on his behalf

eg 'what do you do well in school'? I am good at helping the teacher, I am good at drawing, I am good at playing with the beebot etc

'is there anything that stops you doing as well as you can in school'? I am upset when someone else is crying or upset, I cannot say what I want or need, etc

for the help part we put stuff like signing, ear defenders, a cuddle, leaving the room etc

For now we are his voice, as he develops he will add more

Bilberry Wed 07-Jan-15 09:55:14

Thanks, good idea about pictures etc. I did try some more 5-year-old-with-SLCN friendly questions of my own but didn't get anything more and I do think his answers reflect his difficulties so will probably just submit as it. I also like the fact he has listed all the specialists he needs to help him!

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